Lian Li 205 HDD Cage Mounting Screws

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edited February 2021 in Cases and Power Supplies

I'm trying to find out what screws are used to mount the hard drive cage to the case in a Lian Li 205. I got the case second hand without any screws. I was able to get the others I needed, but not these. The manual doesn't specify what kind of screw it is, and I've tried other standard screw sizes and none work.

According to this article, the stock ones appear to be a thumb screw of some kind, but they aren't the standard ones used in a lot of ATX stuff: (check image under #7)

I would contact lian li, but their customer support is closed for chinese new year, and won't open until the day I'd like to have the screws...

Alternatively, a whole replacement drive cage kit would also work.


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