Just purchased a Power Spec PC and I'm lost

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So happy as a complete noob, to have this great PC but I want to take the time to understand each component and figure out how to monitor them. Got the G467 with i9 processor, 3800 GPU. It seems to have come completely updated in windows. I made a recovery usb drive. I'm going to install the OEM eset smart security and Nord VPN. I want to get some more basic programs on it before I create a flash system image.

-First up, it came with a 750 watt bronze PSU, (a little disappointed this came with the G467.) I have a 800 watt Gold full modular I can swap out, but was thinking of going one step further and buying a PSU with LINK, because I am interested in monitoring the power use. Is there another way to monitor with what I have?

-I'd like to identify each component/manufacturer.

-I'm also interested in monitoring the GPU and am thinking I have to use After Burner. I need to understand overclocking, ect.

-For my son to game, I'm thinking of looking into steam. He really only plays Rocket League, Minecraft and Roblox. He has a PS5 so I don't see much urgency in getting this going.

-I bought a strip of addressable RGB LED Strip (60cm) to get more light in there. (SO COOL!)

-All in all, great computer but being a noob, I'm not just jumping in and what to understand and enjoy the process. Any help towards resources would be appreciated. I didn't see anything on ProSpec, like a starter guide.


  • TSPhillipT

    Hello @Slow_Joe

    Thank you for posting on the Micro Center Community! I have moved your thread to the "Technical Support" section of the forum as I felt this was best placed here.

    I will also address each question or concern you have as well!

    • You can replace the Power Supply with your 800W 80+ Gold for sure and I highly recommend it! Just keep in mind, that Power Supply wouldn't be covered by any warranty related to PowerSpec. Also you do not need to worry to much about monitoring your Power Supply as most monitoring tools are able to monitor Power Consumption of hardware. The ones I would recommend are HWMonitor and HWInfo64
    • Your build has
    • Overclocking is pushing your card past it's set limit. Previously, it was more common to do as there was a lot of room on CPUs and GPUs to overclock, but most cards come pre-overclocked close to the limit. You can still squeeze a bit of performance out of them, but it's not nearly as important to overclock. MSI Afterburner is the go to tool for doing this as well.
    • Steam is the most known "Library" for gaming. It mainly has a bunch of games you can buy and download, and it's a digital library meaning you can delete them and download them again, or even download them to another computer and play it there. You would just be unable to be on Steam at the same time for two computers. There are also other "Game Libraries" as well, like Battle.net (Blizzard Games), Origin (EA Games), Epic Games (Epic Games) and others as well.
    • The addressable RGB Light plugs into an Addressable RGB Header on the motherboard, it should look just like the plug. If you are unable to find it, it looks like a 4 Pin with one of the Pins missing.
    • There isn't much of a starter guide, as you got most of the beginning stuff taken care of. I do recommend updating your graphic card drivers if you haven't. https://community.microcenter.com/discussion/4026/how-to-update-nvidia-video-card-drivers#latest
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