Does anyone know of plans for a Washington location?



  • Orby5000
    Signed up to ++++++1 this up post. WA State needs a Micro Center. I am tired of giving my monies to Amazon for PC parts! 
  • Xenepirous
    Another account made to bump this post! Live in WA state and would LOVE a Microcenter within road trip distance that isn't 16 hours away lol
  • USAFrenzy

    Chiming in on the same thing - I recently moved from MA where I had a Micro Center store just an hour and half away from me in up in Cambridge to WA where I was, honestly, pretty annoyed at the tech store variety (or lack thereof) and saddened to know that after doing a quick lookup, that there is no Micro Center location ANYWHERE near me. I'm on board with everyone in this thread and genuinely think that there's a HUGE missed opportunity if MC doesn't build a location in the PNW region. Seattle would be absolutely prime but honestly, I think a Micro Center store would do fantastically well no matter the location up here, just for the sole fact that there'd ACTUALLY be a store location near by.

  • Matos79
    +1 definitely need a Micro Center in the Pacific Northwest. Please!
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