Which day and time should I go to my Microcenter in Dallas for the highest chance of a 3080? — Micro Center

Which day and time should I go to my Microcenter in Dallas for the highest chance of a 3080?

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What day has the highest chance of 3080s arriving? Is it just random or will tuesdays and thursdays have a higher chance? Or is it like every other week?


  • Hello @lebronjames. I don't know if you are the real King James but welcome our community! There is no set day that has the best percentage. Many people are looking to purchase the 3080. However due to it's demand, we have implemented a voucher system in order to obtain a card. You will want to visit your local Micro Center and provide your name and number. We will send you text by phone. Once it's confirmed, you will need to visit our store and you will be walked back to our BYOPC department and issued a voucher good for 20 minutes in store to purchase that day. You can refer to our FAQ here for other questions regarding our voucher process. https://community.microcenter.com/discussion/7909/limited-availability-product-launch-faq Oh yeah. Nice job vs the Hornets the other night! 😎

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    I had to put Lamelo Ball in his place. Do you know how early you would have to show up for the Dallas location? LIke 2 hours before opening?

  • Anytime is fine. You just want to get your name on the list. For that, you will not need to arrive super early before we open.

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    Ah sorry I'm a little confused, so is the voucher a waitlist now? Because on the faq page it says "Vouchers will only be valid for 20 minutes after the store opens on the day that they are issued." and also "Vouchers will be given out by our store associates or management when the store opens. Customers in line will be called one at a time to get your name and phone number." wouldn't that mean I have to get there early or the customers in front of me will get vouchers since it's limited availability?

  • @lebronjames just chiming in. The voucher FAQ was for launch day for the 3080. Now we are in normal operations for the 3080 or any other GPU that is in high demand. To have a chance to get 3080 if in stock or for any other gpu, customers are arriving to the store 1-2 hours before it opens to have a chance to get into the store first to grab a GPU if in stock. If no gpu are in stock, the store will advise if a truck is coming that day. They may give a voucher to customers based on their position in line to confirm that person will get a card when truck comes in.

    Since its first come first sell for the 3080 or any other GPU, in-store customers are getting sold the cards when they come in.

    You'll want to follow this approach of what customers are doing to have a good chance of getting a GPU from Microcenter. Show up early and be first in line to get in the store first, to get a chance get a card.

  • Monday thru Friday best days
  • I have been going up to the store off and on for a couple of weeks. Durring spring break there were people sitting out there starting at 6 or 7 pm the night before in tents. 20+ people by 10 pm. Madness. This week it's more quiet, so I'm hoping the process is still the same! I'm planning on camping tonight and I'm just going to cross my fingers that they get at least enough video cards to catch my place in line. I hope I'm 1st. @TSTDavey worries me tho, after @TS_EmileC notes that the process seems to be how I heard it - way before the store opens someone pops their head out with a bit of news like "something's on the truck" and then shortly after they start going to each person in order to do vouchers. Then like 2 hours later the store opens and you have to buy the card within 20 minutes. I REALLY hope that's still the case and this hasn't turned into a Black-Friday sort of stampeed over to the build area when the store opens.

    Good luck out there!

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