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I'm interested in nas drive / icloud storage for my home use. I want to save my music, photos, recipes, and other documents. I am looking at the WD My Cloud Home storage. I don't understand how it works. Do I have to pay for 'cloud' backup? Why are these units more reliable than the 1TB Seagate pro


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    Hello @_Amy29 and thanks for posting on the Microcenter Community Forum. The WD My Cloud Home Storage is more of a personal cloud storage device, which works like a NAS in areas, but its not a NAS technically.

    How the MY Cloud Home storage works is, any of your music, photos, recipes, documents, etc., all can be backed up to the WD My Cloud device then stored over in the a la "Cloud" on WD's storage servers over the web.

    I hope that made sense. If not we can explain it in a different way. So basically your data when backed up will be stored on the WD Cloud device and then uploaded to the Cloud on WD's storage servers. WD's storage server (WD Cloud) will be the single location for you backed up data.

    You'll be able to access that data from anywhere over the web. The device is just a "go between", your data is actually backed up and stored on WD Servers.

    Below a link or manual for the WD My Cloud Home Storage device. Take a look at the 5th page "About Your My Cloud Home device", it gives some more information on how it works.

    Personally, I'd go with Seagate. Their cloud storage works the same as the WD device, but WD's device is not a bad device. Either unit is fine to go with. I just like Seagate over WD or an Iphone over an Android. Just my preference, but both are good products.


    Another link on Cloud Storage:

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