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No confirmation email or oder history

I placed an order for a laptop. The fund where removed from my account but No email or any order history.


  • I did not realize it would take 7 days to ship. I need this sooner. Could you please cancel order number 12382372
  • Hello @702enigma

    Sorry for the confusion here! The 7 day processing time is the long-term estimate but we do our best to process these orders as quickly as possible to try to beat that estimate. I do see that you're order has been marked as shipped at this time. If you're still wanting me to cancel the order, I can share a request with our warehouse to see if it has yet to be picked up by the shipper or I can request that the shipper return this order. However, since this is a Next Day shipment It's quite possible that it will be delivered before this is processed. Since the order was marked as shipped this morning, I would expect this to be delivered in the next business day.

    If the package is delivered, you're more than welcome to refuse or request that the item be returned to the sender when you receive the order.

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