NYC (Brooklyn, Flushing, Westbury, etc. Stores) Graphics Card Restock Day/Time Info??

edited June 2021 in General Discussion

Hello, does anyone have any information regarding the graphic card re-stock DAY OF THE WEEK and TIME for ANY of NYC stores (specifically Brooklyn, Flushing, Westbury or NJ).

What day of the week do graphic card shipments usually come in?

What time do people usually line up for the vouchers?

I am a little confused by the entire voucher process. Do people line up every morning, for days, in hopes of getting a video card? It doesn't seem logical to wait 3-5 hours a day in front of the store, with no grantee a card will be in stock that day (is that what people are actually doing).

I do not have a car and it's difficult for me to visit all of these locations just to get voucher info. So any and all information is greatly appreciated, thank you!


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