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2015 MacBook Pro Won't Display on its own

Hi, I have a MacBook Pro made in 2015 that will boot, show the Apple on the cover and the white apple will show it booting up but it goes to a black screen. However, I have found that I can plug my MacBook Pro into my stand alone 27 inch screen and it will show on that screen as well as its own! I was told the cost of fixing this would be $715 including the $40. diagnostic fee if, as they thought, I might need a whole new display. But I forgot to tell them that the MacBook's own monitor, WILL display while it's displaying in my 27 inch monitor. Is there a chance there is a quicker, cheaper fix for this?


  • Hello @Flyinlion and thanks for posting on the Microcenter Community Forum.

    They'll have to take a look a it first which is to why there is a $40 diagnostic fee for them to determine the problem.

    If the LED monitor doesn't need replacing, but a logic board or a graphic card needs replacing for example, the store will let you know.

    Unfortunately Apple repairs can be expensive, especially on Macbook Pros that are over 5 year olds. Hard to find parts for a 5 year old plus Macbook pro as Apple stops manufacturing parts for their computer after 5 years.

    Bring it in, they can analyze it, determine the root cause and give you a quote for the repair. You can then choose to have it repaired at that price or go a different direction. Forty dollars is all you'd come out the pocket for an answer to what's wrong with it, if you choose to go a different direction.

  • Thanks for the response!

  • @Flyinlion no problem. I'm glade we could respond. Good luck to you, hopefully the repair is less than $700.

    Take care.

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