how to survive getting a pretty good pc under $700 during the gpu shortage


hi there, new to the community. i'm a video editor/musician, i've been editing all of my 1080p 60 fps on a early 2014 MacBook air for the past- well, 7 years lol. the thing is still in working conditions, and it isn't buttery smooth but it gets the job done. i'm looking to get a pretty good pc for editing, music, and gaming. while i know music isn't gonna be crazy (im gonna be using ableton) considering that it's ableton, editing and other things are a different story. for $700 i'm not expecting a super crazy machine with real time ray tracing but considering i've been using a 7 year old MacBook air for literally all of my work and gaming, i think a modern pc now is gonna be a crazy upgrade from this ol' thing. i need something that's just overall pretty good, pretty smooth, not much lag and stuff, and can play games like gta 5 and rainbow six siege at least w 60 fps. (i can live w 30 fps) anything more is incredible. i don't need anything like cool leds or whatnot, just a good computer.

does anybody have any advice, tips, anything on getting the new powerhouse for content creation and stuff? super duper big thanks.


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