Creating Your Own Smart Home with Wyze

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Written by Sean Mekinda

Wyze is known for their incredible smart devices at incredible prices. From automated vacuum cleaners to smart scales, Wyze can make almost every aspect of your home smarter and easier to use. I recently created my own smart home for under $150, and here’s how you can too.

What Do I Need to Create a Smart Home? 

  • WiFi
  • An internet-connect smart device (Alexa, Google Home, or any smartphone)

That’s it - if you’ve got these two things, you’re good to start making your home smarter! But before you do, you should plan out what your smart home will look like.

How to Plan Your Smart Home 

The big question to ask when planning your smart home is “what are you looking to automate or control?” If you just want to add an automatic vacuum, you won’t need any additional devices. But if you want to create a full smart home with color-changing lighting, you’ll need to do a bit more planning. For example: while most light sources have replaceable bulbs that are compatible with Wyze’s light bulbs, lamps with unconventional lighting styles, such as lighting strips, can’t make use of Wyze Bulbs. However, they can still be connected to your smart home via Wyze Smart Plugs.

It’s also important to know what you’re looking to do with your smart home. If you just want remote control of your home, any Wyze smart home device will work. But if you’re looking to add color to your bulbs, the standard Wyze Bulbs don’t allow for color customizations.

Quick Questions Before Making your Home Wyze:

  • What device(s) am I looking to make smart?
  • Can I make this device smart - IE does my lamp take standard light bulbs?
  • How smart do I want to make it - RGB smart or just remote access smart?

The $150 Smart Set-Up

My home recently got the Wyze makeover, turning almost every light in my house smart (some with RGB!), adding home security cameras, and outdoor lighting control, all controllable from my watch.

Let’s break down my new smart home:

2x Wyze LED Smart Home Colored Light BulbWyze LED Smart Home Colored Light Bulb - Two-Pack

I wanted to spruce up my living room and bedroom, so I went big with four Wyze Colored Light Bulbs, creating two rooms with complete lighting control. Remote power, dimming, and color adjustments, as well as custom schedules and vacation mode, so your home looks busy even when no one is there.

1x Wyze Smart PlugWyze Smart Plug - Two-Pack

While planning for my smart home revolution, I realized I did have a lamp I wanted to be smart, but it had multiple bulbs connected to a single base. So rather than use multiple bulbs, I just attached it to a Smart Plug. It gives me all the remote control of a Wyze Bulb, including schedules and vacation mode, without the dimming or color control.

1x Wyze Plug Outdoor

As someone whose apartment’s outdoor lighting is less-than-sufficient, additional lighting is a must. The Wyze Plug Outdoor functions identically to the Wyze Smart Plug, giving me remote access to my outdoor lights as well as schedules and vacation mode.

1x Wyze Cam V3

The Wyze Cam v3 is an incredible home security camera, offering motion alerts, sound alerts, and playback recording. It also works with an SD card for local recording, if you don’t want your video uploaded to the cloud. We put out a full review and breakdown, which you can read here.

1x Wyze Watch 47mm

The Wyze Watch is a fantastic budget smartwatch on its own, but when you have Wyze Smart Devices, it becomes a utility powerhouse. Delivering all the functionality expected of a smart watch and the ability to control your smart home, the Wyze Watch is absolutely a must-include for a Wyze home.

Altogether, the set-up runs around $150 to deck pretty much my whole house out in smart home devices from Wyze. So let’s get ‘em set up!

Setting Up Your Wyze Smart Home

While each device connects slightly differently (but all equally easily), the first step is consistent across all Wyze devices: download the app.

From there, you’ll need to create a Wyze account. This will both unify your devices as well as enable you to reconnect them easily if you move, get a new phone, or just make some home changes. Next, select the device you want to add and follow the instructions presented on screen. Going into setting up each device would quickly become tedious to read, but I can safely say that every device I had to set up was quick and intuitive, usually consisting of a button press, entering your WiFi password, and then naming the device.

Once you have a device connected to your WiFi, you’ll get access to the suite of options each device offers, such as schedules and motion detection. You can even chain events across multiple devices, like setting up your lights to turn on when your Wyze Cam detects motion.

It took me around half an hour to set up all the Bulbs, Plugs, and Cams in my house, and around another half an hour to fine-tune them all to the settings I wanted. An hour to completely turn your home smart isn’t bad at all!

Connecting your Wyze Smart Devices to Alexa and Google Home

You can control your whole house from the Wyze app on your phone if you don’t have an in-home smart assistant, but if you want to walk into a room and tell Alexa to turn on the lights, you’ll need to link Wyze up with an assistant.

How to Connect Wyze to Google Home

  1. Open the Google Home app and tap on the ‘+’ in the upper left corner
  2. Select ‘Set Up Device’
  3. Select ‘Works with Google’
  4. Choose Wyze from the list and log into the Wyze account you created

How to Connect Wyze to Amazon Alexa

  1. Open the Wyze app and tap on ‘Account’  in the bottom right corner
  2. Tap ‘Smart Integrations’
  3. Select ‘Alexa’
  4. Select ‘Link’ and login to your Alexa-associated Amazon account


  1. Enable the Wyze skill in the Alexa app
  2. Log in to your Wyze account 
  3. Add your devices to Alexa

The Wyze Watch 

If you’re looking to control your home from your wrist, that’s where the Wyze Watch comes in. Offering the full functionality of smartwatches, including alert notifications, step tracking, heartbeat monitoring, and a host of others, the Wyze Watch also works with or independently of smart home assistants to control your home. Simply set up shortcuts in the Wyze app and they’ll automatically be uploaded to your watch.

Once you've created a few shortcuts, you have instant and immediate access to all of your devices. Want to turn a light on? Change the brightness? Enable your Wyze Cam? Even upload a video from your Cam to the cloud? It's all on your wrist, accessible with a single button press.

The battery on the Wyze Watch lasts for around a week as well, which isn’t super relevant to the smart home discussion, but impressive enough that I couldn’t not mention it.

The Smart Home Experience

Now that I had my Wyze smart home entirely set up, I could sit back and enjoy it. And it’s pretty nice! Being able to walk into a room and turn on all lights to the exact setting I want with a single command is fantastic. Schedules mean I don’t have to wake up to a dark home every day, and it has saved me from stepping on my dogs more than once. And the schedules work with Google Routines and Amazon Routines, so you won't have to set up multiple.

I’ve found multiple uses for the Wyze Cam, beyond security. It’s nice to be able to keep an eye on your home while you’re away at work, but it’s also really nice to be able to watch your dogs and scold them through the Wyze Cam’s microphone feature when they threaten to get in the trash. 

Of course, these were things I was expecting to love. What I hadn’t considered was how nice it was to have multiple ways to access your home devices. In a non-smart home, you’ll usually only have a single switch for a light. With a smart home, I have my phone, my Wyze Watch, and my Google Home Speaker, so no matter where I am or what I have nearby, I can make adjustments to my home on the fly.

Make Your Home Even Smarter

But this setup is just the start. Once you see how easy life can be with a smart home, you might start wondering if you couldn’t make your door lock, or thermostat, or even your vacuum smart and I have good news for you:

Wyze has all that and more.

Set up your home to automate everything! Turn on your lights when you unlock the door, run a vacuum during the day when everyone is away, know who’s at your door without getting up from the couch. Even automate your security lights and sprinkler systems!

Be sure to check out all Wyze has to offer at your local Micro Center!

Win my Smart Home Setup!

I’ve had my fun with Wyze, now it’s your turn - we’re giving away everything in my smart home setup (a fresh, unopened set of it, of course) to someone in our Community! All you have to do is comment below with your dream smart home appliance, be it something as simple as a lightbulb to an automatic washer and dryer. We’ll be randomly selecting one winner

Good luck!

See attached contest terms and conditions.

Contest submission window: 6/11/21 – 6/25/21

1st place winner will receive a Wyze Smart Home prize pack



  • Zeluha

    I most definitely could use a smart washer and dryer. Letting me know when things are done washing and drying so that they're not sitting there overnight when I ultimately forget for a day (yes, I'm that forgetful) would be a life changer. Someday...

  • Emu

    I would like to win the smart watch

  • Komarovsky

    I've never heard of a smart plug, but I think I'll go buy one outside the contest. My bedroom has an outlet that's in the perfect location for a floor lamp but it's on the far side of the room from the door and not controlled by a switch. It'd be really nice to be able to have a controllable light, especially in the evening, so I could have a nicely lit bedroom without having to stumble across it to turn it on.

  • sweetbee52

    I would love and outdoor cam and spotlight. My backyard is so dark would make a huge difference plus make me feel much safer.

  • Thi

    I definitely need outdoor cameras with spotlights after my home was broken into through my backyard. It'd be much more convenient for me to view the cameras through a phone/computer app with more peace of mind that my home is safe and secure. I've been researching various cameras and smart home products from Amcrest, Ring, and Wyze but the Wyze's v3 cameras really seem to appeal to me with a colored, brighter night vision view after seeing visual comparisons online.

  • Doctor_Doug

    Wow ... my dream smart home appliance?

    Well, it would be AI, WiFi Dog Butler!

    Part 1 would notice when the dog is at the back door and wants to go out and open the door to let him in and out.

    Part 2 would keep track of when the dog's bowl or water is low and keep track of the times when he eats.

    Part 3 would be a bed with a mechanical hand and voice to pet and tell him "good boy" when we were out of the house.

    Part 4 would be a Robo-vac which would surveil him and vac up his shedding.

    Part 5 would be a combing & grooming device he could walk into all scruffy and come out ready for the dog show runway!

    The Dog Butler!

  • twtbird007
    I would want to start with a smart speaker and then maybe a thermostat. 
  • DDT
    Notifications from a smart washer or dryer would be amazing.
  • Rhyno86

    A smart garage door opener would be my dream smart home appliance. One that could utilize GeoFencing or other technology that would automatically make sure the door is closed when I leave for work in the morning.

  • MikeLee
    My dogs would love that wifi dog butler if that's ever made haha
  • alee
    alee ✭✭
    First Anniversary First Comment

    I'd want Rosie, the robot maid from the Jetsons, because she can do everything I need around the house.

  • Eric_Dau
    I want a smart microwave that is able to determine when the food has been heated completely so there is no more guessing how long to put things in for and the center of the food is never cold. 
  • Keith_B_4521

    Just the camera for now to keep an eye on our pool and spa.

  • Draykonis

    I would absolutely love a smart refrigerator. Something that could somehow track everything inside (including leftovers) so that I could easily create new grocery lists!

  • markzero
    First Comment
    edited June 2021

    My dream appliance right now is probably smart windows/windowshades, to automatically darken or close when it's really hot and bright after a certain time of morning, but then let the afternoon indirect sunlight in. If I also had a smart skylight and tied it all together with a smart thermostat, a weather station, and a control hub, I could also help regulate the temperature and humidity, and even save money doing it.

  • My Dream Smart Home appliance would be an entire smart home:

    Doors that auto-sense where you are and open when you enter/leave.

    A smart sprinkler system

    Smart Oven

    Smart Dishwaser

    Smart windows that tint or smart shades that open and lower remotely.

    Smart Refrigerator

    Smart garage door

    Smart porch lights

    Smart outdoor cameras

    Smart weather monitoring station with rain gauge

    Smart Doorbell

    Smart front and back door locks

    Smart Thermostat and AC/Furnace system (alerts on power outage, temps, system degradation, filter quality/life)

    Smart ceiling fans

    Smart faucets

    Smart toilet + bidet

    Smart lights

    Smart 4k TVs

    Smart Home Theater system

    Video calling devices

    Smart grill

    Smart fireplace

    Smart Firepit in the backyard

  • Feralpaw

    dream smart device would be something that cooks for me.

  • markmn123
    My dream smart home appliance (the one I'm working on now) is my fully automated garden system I dubbed...The Tomato Sentry.
  • kataztrophik

    My dream smart appliance would measure out, grind and then brew a single cup of coffee and finish brewing as my alarm goes off, into a smart mug that regulates my coffee at 50c temperature.

  • Omnipotent

    A robot that would take packages inside so I don't have to stress out about my packages being stolen off my front porch.

  • MicB

    Smart fridge - one with the screen on the outside and cameras on the inside so you can see what is on every shelf without opening the door. And check it from your phone, so you know what to buy when shopping (I don't need the ones that go as far as doing your shopping list for you)

  • talonts

    I don't really have a dream item, just things that would be useful to replace old appliances, so a dish washer or refrigerator.

    I'll go with refrigerator, as there are some pretty nice smart ones out there with features that would be nice to have.

  • MaxBunny

    A microwave that is completely hands free, including opening and closing mechanisms.

  • Jules
    Jules ✭✭
    First Anniversary First Comment Name Dropper Photogenic
    We are hopefully closing on our 1st home in July and a web cam to watch over our dog Obi would be awesome now that he will have much more room to run around in!!! 

  • Five webcams that has night vision and a movement sensor spotlight because our neighbors steal things and break into my families cars during the night and steal my families packages during the day time. So, the security is very well much needed. Another dream item would be a smart washer and dryer because my families washer and dryer broke down and we don't have any money to fix both nor get new ones. Those would be my dream item/s for my families home. 
  • Deannev2u
    Smart Wifi Dog Butler would be amazing.
  • Prpldy

    I need a Smart Doggy Door. One where it would open when my tiny fur baby was ready to go outside or come back in. I have a regular doggy door, but there are 3 problems. First, I am terrified a wild animal will come into my home. Second, one of my fur babies is just 4 pounds and she can go through the door, she would prefer it to be open and lastly, I wouldn’t have to remove the metal door (open or close) each morning and night. Being disabled, and living with chronic pain, opening and closing the secure door each day can be difficult at times.

    i have recently thought about getting some Smart light bulbs and plugs. I will adding Wyze to my list of contenders. Thank you for the chance to win.

  • GillesC

    Would love one of those smart robotic vacuums, that's be an interesting way to save some time and sweat on vacuuming the house.

  • geeksmart

    smart cooking toaster/oven/air fryer

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