2nd PC Build


Hello Microcenter community,

I'm currently in the process of choosing parts for my new PC build, and I needed some guidance from the community regarding what parts I should purchase.

When it comes to CPUs, I'm thinking either of getting the Intel Core i9 10900K or the AMD Ryzen 9 5900X - I've personally have been an intel fan for a while now, due to them having a good reputation for their products. However, I've been looking into AMD's Ryzen processors, and have seen a major performance advantage compared to Intel. I was wondering if I should get an AMD, or an Intel processor. Furthermore, I've had a bad experience with AMD - with my current PC, I currently have a Radeon 470, which is extremely clonky, and demands a large amount of power.

My current budget for this PC is around $2,000-$3,200 (excluding monitor & other accessories)

Cutting to the chase, I was wondering if I should get the intel I9 10900k , or the AMD Ryzen 9 5900x.

Personally, I'm leaning towards AMD, but I've been having some concerns regarding the power consumption of the AMD processor, and how long the cores usually take to 'start up'. If someone could please answer this question in comparison to the Intel i9 10900K.

Since I'm leaning towards the AMD processor, I was wondering what motherboard to purchase. I'm thinking a full ATX B550 motherboard would be good, but I'm looking to spend $100-$700 on a motherboard. Recommendations for full ATX motherboards would be much appreciated.

I'm planning to use the Nvidea RTX 3080 as my GPU. I was wondering if it matters if it get the MSI variation / any other version of the GPU and if depending on the variation, would there be any performance changes? Additionally, noticed that variations made by other manufacturers cost much more than the founder's edition.

Lastly, I'm still contemplating on what type of cooler to get. Should I get a high-end air cooler, or an AIO cooler? I know AIO coolers look nicer aesthetically, but typically high-end air coolers typically are better than AIO coolers, and require less maintenance. Recommendations would be much appreciated.

That's about it - I already have my power supply (850w), hard-drives (4TB hard drive & 1TB SSD), case, and windows key figured out.

Thanks for the assistance!


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