WD ReadyView plugin to use Microsoft Edge?


Currently, if you want to access the NVR using a computer, you have to use Internet Explorer and download a plugin for it to show video. This plugin does not work for Microsoft Edge. Now that Microsoft is discontinuing Internet Explorer, will there be a plugin made available so we can access the NVR using Microsoft Edge?

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  • Ian
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    Greetings. We are not currently aware of a plug in for use with Edge. The officially supported way of accessing the system is through their mobile apps, it is possible Western Digital will release a plugin for the ReadyView systems for other browsers at a later time and any information on that would be available on our website or Western Digital's website.

    You can continue to use Internet Explorer as the browser will still function past its end of life date, it will just not receive any updates from Microsoft.


  • My issue with the WD ReadyView app is that when playing back recorded video the timeline frequently skips during playback and I miss a few seconds of video (it'll skip anywhere from 3 seconds to 10 seconds at a time). I'm using the app on a fully updated iPhone 11 connected to my home wifi to access the WD ReadyView NVR which is plugged into the same gigabyte router that my iPhone is wirelessly connected to. When I use my computer to access the NVR the playback video is fluid and doesn't skip which is why I prefer to use Internet Explorer to playback video. Unless you can help me resolve this issue with the app, I have to rely on a browser to playback video.

  • Ian

    You can check to make sure your DVR has the latest firmware to see if that would help - https://community.microcenter.com/kb/articles/41-readyview-how-to-update-nvr-and-camera-firmware

  • The firmware on my NVR is the current version.  This isn’t a problem with my hardware, it’s an issue
    with WD needing to update their app (which hasn’t been updated in over a year) and creating a browser plug-in for a currently supported browser.

  • TS_JosephF

    Even if you rewind the footage on the app, does it still not show the 3-10 seconds of playback that it skipped? Does it do the same on other mobile phones when connected to the same internal network and a different one?

  • Yes, it skips while rewinding and watching on playback while using the app on multiple devices.  However, it doesn’t do it when using a monitor hooked up to the NVR or a computer using Internet Explorer.
  • Pevo

    I was able to get past the plugin issue by using Internet Explorer within Edge by changing the settings for default browser. Not sure how long this will last since support for Internet Explorer is ending soon ....

    Western Digital really booted this one, dropping it like they did, but they had a poorly implemented software from the start. Their own User Manual is wrong, they obviously used a European system and didn't carry all of the features of the original product. I can't delete three (phantom) cameras so I can add three new ones. Really frustrating ...

  • I found that the video skips like ElectronicsGeek said when watching videos in HD. When I switch to Standard or ECO the video doesn't skip. My guess is that your computer doesn't have a HD 4K screen and therefore the video defaults to a lower resolution. I also see the video skipping while watching it on a 4K monitor in HD connected directly into the NVR. When I switch to a lower resolution it doesn't skip. The cameras record the video in three different resolutions to accommodate watching it from different devices with different resolutions. It's either a hardware issue and the processor in the camera can't handle all the information or it's a software compression problem. I experience it on all the cameras but it's not all at the same time so it's not a NVR recording problem or signal disruption problem.

  • TomKo

    This morning, I got this to work in "IE Mode" within Edge. It did install the plugin and the video feed is working. Microsoft has committed to supporting IE Mode in Edge through at least 2029, so this at least takes the urgency off updating the firmware for other browsers.

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