Wifi working very poorly on a brand new PowerSpec G509


Hi - I just got a PowerSpect G509 a few days ago and the wifi is working very poorly. It seems to be dropping connections every 10 seconds or so. If I setup a Zoom and monitor the network traffic via Task Manager / Resource Manager I can see it run with decent bandwidth for about 10 seconds and then no activity for about 3-5 seconds (network activity drops to 0 and the Zoom freezes), and then it starts up again for 10 seconds (the video/audio on zoom resume), then 3-5 seconds of no activity (Zoom's statistics reports 100% packet loss), and this repeats forever.

I've tested other devices at that same location in my house on the wifi and they work fine. I ran an ethernet cable from the G509 to my router and the networking works totally fine. So it seems like there's something very wrong with the wifi adapter on a brand new machine. Anyone have any ideas on how I should proceed? Anything to do besides contact customer support directly?



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