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Hello, I purchased a powerspec g467 from someone but I'm not the original buyer. The pc was purchased 4/06/21 and has warranty through 4/05/22.

I don't close enough to go to Micro Center ( closest one being in Tustin, California) but I was told because it is still under warranty I would not have to pay anything aside from shipping to the nearest micro center. Is this correct?

The graphics card is an RTX 3080 which has been getting black screens (sometimes with restarts) and showing artifacts when running benchmarks ( 3d Mark)

Thank you

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  • Ian
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    Looking into this I see your information has already been provided to the Tustin store. I will go ahead and forward another request for the store to contact you for further assistance with this.


  • Ian

    Greetings, we can look into this, was the warranty transferred into your name by the original buyer?

    What troubleshooting have you tried so far in regards to the graphical issues?

  • MLAna
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    Hello Ian. The warranty was not transferred into my name. How would one go about doing that? I don't have the receipt but I have the receipt reference number.

    As for troubleshooting, here's a list of things I've tried:

    • updated to latest nvidia drivers
    • reinstalled windows
    • removed cmos battery and placed back
    • used the 2nd pcie cable to connect the gpu, instead of one daisy chained
    • disabled fast boot
    • Used Memtest86 to test for faulty ram, 4 passes no issues
    • tried an older graphics card gtx 770, did not have the same problem
    • ran Crystal disk info to check ssd health, no issues
    • tried 2nd pci-e slot, would not show signal on monitor and had the motherboard vga light turned on ( although this happened in the first slot but would reseat it multiple times to get it to work)
    • Downclocked core clock and memory clock using Msi afterburner, would still get artifacts and black screen during benchmark
    • Purchased a new Corsair RM850x power supply which I hoped would fix it but issue still present

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