Ethernet and WiFi slow - G707 - Intel i211 gigabit - Xfinity 400MBps

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In August I bought an ASUS laptop and had some issues with slow speeds over ethernet and Wi-Fi the day I bought it. They literally seemed to work themselves out over the next day. I have no issues with download function anymore. Pulling 390MBps on both ether and Wi-Fi on this laptop.

Now, I just bought the PowerSpec G707 yesterday. I can only get the Wi-Fi to go up to 150MBps, and the Ethernet to go up to 94MBps. When I first booted, it would only go up to 10 MBps. Xfinity service is 400MBps.

Xfinity gigabit modem/router, cable to port in wall, cable to switch, tg 5 port gigabit switch, cable to port on office wall, cable to pc with onboard Intel I211 gigabit NIC. Motherboard, AS Rock X570 Pro4. Wi-Fi is separate card.

Testing on both and xfinity speed test sites. All cabling same as the laptop that's working fine when hooked up to it. Same exact cable as a matter of fact. PC is 3 feet from where the laptop resides, so distance isn't a factor for Wi-Fi.

I have scrolled through youtube and the web and have done all of the little settings to no avail. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. I have upgraded every driver I can think of from manufactureres websites. The only thing I can think of that I have not done is make sure the BIOS is updated. Don't think that would do this though.

Does someone have anything on this?




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