Varnish or not to varnish? That is the question.


I will be putting my new pc on a board to raise it up some to get airflow underneath.

I have been wondering if I should varnish the board (really plywood) or not. 🤔

Does it really matter since I am not going to be using the board for looks, just a platform.

Any suggestions?



  • JS_MC
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    You're welcome to do as you see fit!

    The varnish shouldn't make a difference regarding airflow, however, aesthetically it can make a big difference! So, I would do what looks best for you.

    You've already done the right thing in making sure that your PC is getting adequate airflow!

  • Archivist

    The question is, how much will see of it under the pc?

    Might be a cheap "upgrade" to the new pc as well.

  • Scary_Guy

    Personally, if no one is going to see it I'd avoid anything that can actually catch fire that close to electronics.

    That said, I have a space heater that runs constantly with a wooden housing so I don't have much room to talk here.

  • Archivist

    I ended up just keeping it the way I got it from Home Depot.

    To me, I not even pay attention to it. Does allow the case feet (Fratcal Design Define 7) to raise the case about an inch up.

    Gives me the airflow under it. Would not have ant if I put it the way my old Antec Performance One was sitting.

  • Vaganza
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    So it it were me, I’d sand it smooth and varnish it.  Reason being it will help with dust.  If it is left untreated, the initial coating of dust easily sticks leaving more dust to cling to that dust.  One of my hobbies is furniture construction, and I have done computer cases out of wood in the past too.  
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