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Network Adapters and Driver or Hardware Problems

Recently built my own custom PC, got it to turn on, boot, and post successfully. I installed windows 10 onto it via windows install media on a USB 3. When I turn on my PC windows is working correctly, I get to a desktop screen where I can browse the PC's specs, but It won't connect to the internet at all. I have gone the troubleshooting route and every time it says that the Intel Gigabit Network Connection Adapter is experiencing driver or hardware related problems along with the intel wireless AC 9260 260MHz adapter. I have installed and updated the drivers via a USB 3, restarted and I would get a successful Ethernet connection and I have pulled up google, but after about a minute it goes back to the same issues before. I am using a MSI B450 pro carbon AC mobo and I installed their latest driver updates on this PC as well. Still no internet. Please help. 


  • TS_JosephFTS_JosephF admin
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    Hello @Goblue26
    Are you only having internet related problems with this PC and not any other devices? One of the first steps I recommend is rebooting your router. Once the router is back online, I would open command prompt or Windows PowerShell and run "ipconfig /renew". (If you need more instruction on this, just let me know) Doing both of these can solve a conflicting IP address issue. After running that command above and resetting the router, just type "ipconfig" in command prompt to make sure you are getting a valid IP address. 
    Another thing you can try is setting your DNS server to Google's. It is quite simple and we have some instructions for that here:

    If you continue to get an error about the driver or hardware then you may have to uninstall the drivers and reinstall them. The fact you are having issues with both the Ethernet and Wireless adapter is a bit strange. 
    Let me know if this helps. 
  • TS_JosephF,
    Thanks for responding, it means a lot. I have done the IP config and renew as well as the DNS server and now my PC connects to the internet via my ethernet cable, but after maybe 10 minutes of usage downloading new drivers and updating windows it will just randomly kick me off the internet, Ill troubleshoot after that and it will give me that same network adapter prompt for both ethernet and wireless adapter. Im thinking that when i did a fresh install of windows 10 from the install media, something went wrong but Im not sure. Im not sure what to do next or if i should just bring it in to get a diagnosis from one of the micro center employees.

  • TSTonyVTSTonyV admin
    Do any other devices have any issues with internet connectivity? 
  • Nope, all other devices work fine. The ethernet cable I use is the same one I take from my console so I know that it works as well. 
  • When I did the ipconfig/renew it said that no operation can be performed on wifi, LAN or bluetooth while the media is disconnected if that helps. I have no idea what that means. 
  • TSTonyVTSTonyV admin
    There's a good chance it's a bad ethernet port then, the ultimate test would be to reinstall Windows, just to rule out a weird Windows problems as the culprit. If that doesn't fix it, I'd recommend a new board. 
  • I don't think its the board, Its a brand new one and the last one I already had to RMA because it was DOA meaning they test the next one before they send it out. 
  • How do I reinstall windows? Do I make another windows install media and make it boot off of that usb? 
  • TSMikeWTSMikeW admin
    Yes, you can create media here:

    Why don't we check what chipset your LAN adapter is and if there is a history of automatic driver updates. Go to Device manager, Find the LAN adapter. let us know the model, then go Update Driver > Browse this Computer > Let me pick from list of compatible drivers > How many drivers are listed here?
  • Goblue26 said:
    When I did the ipconfig/renew it said that no operation can be performed on wifi, LAN or bluetooth while the media is disconnected if that helps. I have no idea what that means. 
    The reason it said this is because you were not connected to any network. 
    To reinstall Windows 10 you will just need to create another bootable USB drive. I take it you already know how to do that here: 
    One thing I would try before doing this is just resetting your network adapter. If you uninstall the network adapter drivers and restart the PC, Windows will find a driver again. You may run into the same issue but it's possible that it could fix the problem. I would try this with both the Ethernet and Wireless adapter. 
    Here are instructions on how to do that:

  • @TSMikew
    The model is Intel (R) Gigabit network adapter. When I click on let me pick a list of capable drivers there are twi there but they are both exactly the same (Intel(R) 1211 Gigabit network connection) 
  • TSMikeWTSMikeW admin
    i211, should have a driver that'll work fine in the Windows 10 driver store. Lets try something different. If you try to uninstall your LAN driver, does it have a checkbox to delete the driver software?
  • Yes it has a checkmark to delete the software. Im not sure what happened but recently every time i restart or turn on my PC ill get internet via the ethernet but it still goes away after 10 minutes or so. Do you think it could be from a router? My father works from home and I am running an ethernet from the same router as him. We checked and both have different IP addresses, we thought there was an issue with only one of us being able to be online at one time but it made no difference. 
  • I just booted it up and it held ethernet connection for about 20 minutes, but as soon as i run an application it kicks me off. Could it have anything to do with an older router that kicks me off when trying to use more internet then usual? i
  • TSTonyVTSTonyV admin
    It's possible it's a router related issue. Do you have a separate modem? If so, try plugging your ethernet cord directly into it instead and see if the same issue happens. 
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