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Weird Fan Issue

Hi everyone,

last night one of my cooling fans started acting weird, it basically starts spinning and then suddenly slows down with rattling noises and comes to a full stop and then it repeats the cycle, computer is booting normally and the rest of the hardware works fine including 2 other cooling fans. Any ideas what would cause that?
PC - Power Spec X601 water-cooled
i5 9600K
GTX 1070Ti
16gb ram
390z motherboard

I’ll include a link with the video:


  • TSTonyVTSTonyV admin
    edited June 27
    The radiator fans in these systems are actually connected to a a splitter, which plugs into a single header on the board.  Since it's just a single fan having a problem, that's a pretty good indication the fan itself is just going bad, unfortunately. 

    I looked up the purchase with your email address, and unfortunately it appears the system is out of the one-year warranty and I didn't see an extended warranty purchased with it. If you didn't want to do it yourself (which I completely understand given the nature of this type of system) we can still fix it at the service desk, there would just be normal labor charges for the repair. 
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