Need Help Choosing Parts

I put this parts list together and am looking for some advice.
This PC would not be for gaming.  I would be doing things like, spreadsheet, documents, general web browsing, I am a developer and use eclipse.  My current system is old and starting to have issues running Windows 10.  I plan to run Linux on this build because I'd like to get away from Windows.   I already have a Logitech USB mouse and keyboard combo.  I would appreciate any comments or suggestions. I added a list of specific questions below.
  • I am a first time builder so I'd like to know if I am missing any key parts that I should get.
  • Do I need thermal grease or does in come with the CPU that I selected?
  • The motherboard I selected supports hdmi, dvi-d and vga.  Will the firmware support multiple monitors? Remember, I'm not going to be gamming. I just like the extra space of having 2 monitors.  I would never go beyond 2 monitors.
  • I plan to install linux. Will the motherboard I selected support windows 10 if I decide to switch? Some of the mother boards I saw referenced "Windows 10 Ready"
Any comments or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You.


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