Radeon Rx 6900 XT video outputs not working when extra 6 pins are powered


We got the Sapphire Nitro Special Edition 6900 (fans and RGB). It has two 6+2 pins to power the GPU and a 6 pin to power the fans and lights (I think, not sure what the 6 pins are for but they seem to be the problem). When we power only the two 6+2 everything works great with the video output, but the fans and RGB on the GPU are off. When we power the extra 6 pins, the fans and RGB turn on, but the video card quits working (more specifically the HDMI and displayport on the mother board quit working). We have three VGAs on the EVGA 850 PSU powering the three cords individually. If we unplug the 6 pins, everything is fine again with the video outputs, but the lights and fan on the GPU are off. When I power up the 6 pin again the fans and lights on the GPU work, but the video outputs to the monitor all quit working. No clue, would love any help.


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