PLEASE HELP! New ASUS XG49VQ Monitor Fails to Display as Sole Monitor


Please help...I have a seemingly unfixable issue with a brand new Asus XG49VQ monitor I recently bought from MC to replace my current 3-monitor setup.

My current setup:

Powerspec G223 with no major modifications, other than new 32GB RAM (installed 2020 to replace OEM memory) and new motherboard heat sink (installed June 2021)

Windows 10 (64-bit)

Graphics card = Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB

Monitors = 3 x Dell E2214H

Center monitor is connected with DVI to HDMI cable, outer two monitors are connected with DVI to Display Port


In short, the new Asus monitor will NOT display when connected by itself (standalone). If one (or more) of the older monitors is connected at startup, then windows does detect the Asus monitor. It can be set as the primary display and will stay on/functional even when the older monitor is disconnected. HOWEVER, when the system is restarted, the Asus monitor fails to display any signal from the PC.

This issues persists regardless of the port it's connected to and regardless of input (I'm trying to use DP but it's the same outcome with HDMI). This is actually the 2nd such monitor I've received, as there was the same issue with the first one and MC sent a new one, believing it was a defective unit.

I have tried every troubleshooting method I could think of, as well as some suggested by MC support. Absolutely nothing works and I am at my wit's end. Anyone have any idea what I can do????


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