How to 3D Print: Pumpkin-Spider Transformer

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 This month, we printed a Pumpkin-Spider Transformer. We found the print file for the Spider on, submitted by Megawillbot.

You can find the files here:

Our Setup:

Printer: Ender 3 V2

Filament Used: Inland White PLA, 1.75MM

  • Nozzle Temp: 215°
  • Bed Temp: 55°

Infill: 15

Print Time: 21 hours

Rafts: Yes

Support: Yes

Software: Ultimaker Cura

The Print:

The entire print consists of 25 pieces. You can download and print the files individually, or there is one file with all the pieces.

I didn’t have an orange filament, so I used Inland White PLA and then painted it orange.

I chose to print all 25 pieces at once; 10 small ball joints hold the spider together, 10 pumpkin pieces, the body/chest, and face. I printed this with a raft and supports. After 21 hours, I walked in to see perfectly printed legs, ball joints, a pumpkin top, and a spider face with a 3D filament bird's nest sitting on top of everything. The pumpkin slices failed; some even came detached from the raft.

I tried and failed five more times to print the pumpkin slices. I printed with supports only touching the build plate, supports everywhere, no supports, single pieces, 5 pieces. The first ¾ would print perfectly, and the top would fail every time. These are important because this is what holds the legs of the spider to the inside of the pumpkin.

I thought about why the print kept failing at the top. The way the pumpkin slice sat in the Cura Slicer, the part that connects to the spider leg, was at the top of the print, where it failed. 

So, I rotated the pumpkin slice by 180°, moving the joint to the bottom, knowing it would now print first.

I tested one at first, and it came out great! 


  So, I printed 5 more using supports that touch the build plate. Finally, after 3 days, my spider-pumpkin was ready for spray paint and construction.

Here is the final result:

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