GPU Protection Plan


Hello, I purchased a MSI GeForce RTX 3070 Gaming Trio X alongside a two-year warranty, this purchase was about a year and a few months or so ago and for some time I have been running into issues with this card such as games crashing alongside when I stream that crashes as well, a static like effect on my monitors for a brief second not frequently, and GUI interfaces going black just to name a few. After trying many solutions such as updating drivers, downgrading drivers, fresh install, using DDU, updating bios, and making sure it's not any other components leading to all of these issues, I have just decided to call it and use my Protection plan that I had bought at my local store, (Mayfield Heights). I have never had to do this before and am wondering as to what the process is and what exactly will happen? From my research and of the plan itself I assume I bring in my GPU alongside the box and included items (all of which I still have) and then I am issued store credit of the amount I paid for at the time which was $789.99? Or do I first come here to request and I get approved to bring it to the store? If anyone can help me to further understand with what I am looking at I would appreciate it a lot, thanks!


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