I just purchased an Inland SSD and my PC doesn't see it — Micro Center

I just purchased an Inland SSD and my PC doesn't see it

I just picked up a new 1TB Inland drive https://www.microcenter.com/product/508183/inland-professional-1tb-ssd-3d-nand-sata-iii-6gb-s-25-internal-solid-state-drive which I cant wait to get workin in my PC. However I bootd up my PC running Windows 10 and its no where to be found. Please advise. 


  • IanIan admin
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    Greetings JJ, and welcome to the Micro Center Community.

    There are two things that I can think of that may be causing your issue. The first thing would be to verify your cable connections - you will need one cable running from your computer's power supply to the back of the drive (typically on some power supplies labelled SATA). The other cable would need to be running directly from your hard drive to your motherboard such as https://www.microcenter.com/product/247547/evercool-7-pin-sata-female-connector-to-7-pin-sata-female-connector-sata-data-cable-18-in---red - this would go into a SATA spot on your motherboard. It sounds like you have some drives installed already, so typically you can find additional ports by where your current drives are plugged into.

    If you've got those cables there is another step so just let us know. If you need to check your cables, make sure your PC is turned off and unplugged before adjusting any wiring/cables. 
  • That was helpful as I was missing a cable - the one to the board so I got that done. Same problem now, I boot up and still no drive. Is it defective or what else is going on?
  • IanIan admin
    Most likely the drive just needs to be set up in Windows at this time by partitioning it. Here is how to complete that:
    1. Right click on the Start button then select Disk Management.
      Windows Desktop Quick Access Menu Disk Management
    2. Look for Unallocated space in the Disk Management window.
      Disk Management Unallocated space
    3. Right click on the unallocated space, then select New Simple Volume.
      Disk Management Unallocated space New Simple Volume
    4. On the Welcome to New Simple Volume Wizard window, select Next.
      New Simple Volume Wizard Next
    5. On the Specify Volume Size window, the simple volume size should match the maximum disk space size in most cases. To make the partition smaller, type in a smaller amount into this volume size box. Select Next to continue.
      New Simple Volume Wizard Specify Volume Size Next
    6. Select a drive letter for the new partition by Assign the following drive letter (you can use any drive letter shown here) then select Next.
      New Simple Volume Wizard Assign Drive Letter Next
    7. Select Format this volume with the following settings. Using default settings will format the drive properly. Settings such as file system, unit size and volume label can be changed here. Select Next to continue.
      New Simple Volume Wizard Format partition and volume
    8. Once the format completes, a summary page will appear. Select Finish to close this window and return to the main Disk Management window.
      New Simple Volume Wizard Finish
  • Yes that worked thank you I'm all set
  • IanIan admin
    JJ_ said:
    Yes that worked thank you I'm all set
    Glad to hear we were able to get that up and running for you.
  • Same issue for me solved by this article/guide. Thank you!

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