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Would I be able to exchange defective G Pro Wireless mouse?

I recently purchased the G Pro Wireless and just realized that the left click is defected with double clicking even when left click is held pressed down. Is it possible to exchange or replace it for another one?


  • IanIan admin
    Greetings. That would have a 30 day return period, so if it is within that period, please bring the item back to your local Micro Center for a return/exchange. 
  • AlexSAlexS admin
    @Hugh that's definitely odd and I'm sorry to hear that.  I'd have to also agree that it's defective.  I have this same exact mouse and haven't come across this issue.  I would highly suggest sticking with the G Pro Wireless when you come to exchange because getting a working one would be excellent.  This mouse works great with CS:GO (which in the end should show same result for Riot Game's Valorant).  

    I'd also recommend attaching a 2 or 3 year replacement plan on the mouse as well as it's not too expensive and if the mouse does suffer an issue like this beyond the return policy, we can get the amount credited to you so you can get a new one (or whatever is the latest mouse fad 2-3 years from now!)
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