Regarding Price Protection on CPUs



I went into the Tustin Store today to see if my CPU purchase applied for price protection. Per the article, it states it is valid "within 30 days of your Micro Center purchase". However, the associate said that since CPUs have a return/exchange window of 15 days, the price protection also falls into these 15 days. I didn't think much of it at the time and just accepted what was told to me, but upon getting home and looking up the info again, I don't see the 15 days price protection written anywhere on the Knowledge Base. Furthermore, on my order history, it shows "Return by 03/24/2022" under price protection - I purchased the CPU on 02/22/2022.

I just wanted to check if what the associate said was correct, and if it is, to please add this info to the price protection article. If not, then I will be rather unhappy as it isn't the closest drive even considering the high gas prices right now. Thank you.


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