Docking Station not sending/receiving video?


Hello, I recently purchased a Inland 11-in-1 Triple Display Dock and I'm having a strange problem.

I am trying to create a setup where I can use two external monitors with my laptop to the side with its lid closed.

I've plugged in the docking station into the USB-C port located on the back of my laptop, and plugged in several things into the docking station. Interestingly, I can type using a plugged-in external keyboard, and use an external mouse just fine, but the two monitors I have aren't receiving anything. One monitor is plugged in using a HDMI cable, and the other using a VGA cable. However none of these external monitors are being detected by Windows. There isn't the usual boxes with 1 & 2 or 3 to show the displays. As far as my laptop is concerned, the only screen available is its own laptop screen.

I have tested my monitors by plugging them into my only HDMI port on my laptop, and both monitors are able to mirror/extend my screen just fine. It's only when I plug those monitors into my docking station, that nothing occurs, and my laptop doesn't detect them, even when I try to manually detect them. I've checked, and all my drivers seem to be up to date. I'm at a complete loss.

My laptop is a pre-built Cyberpower Tracer III. If anything needs further clarification, please ask away!


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