The Inland Line of Arduino/Raspberry Pi Accessories

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While the Inland house brand at Micro Center has long been known for its cables, computer accessories, and more, in more recent years they have added 3D printer filament and Arduino Boards as well as modules and accessories to go with the popular microcontrollers and even single-board computers such as the Raspberry Pi. This article aims to take a look at three popular products and modules available in the Inland line of maker products.

Uno R3 MainBoard – Micro Controller

The Arduino Uno R3 has become a staple of the maker community and for good reason. This microcontroller board can be used to read data from external inputs and control external modules such as LEDs, motors, and relays, which can be used to control higher voltage projects. The ever-popular Uno R3 Mainboard is a great way to get started in programmable electronics and there are large amounts of projects and videos on the web that can help you get started with this. If you’re looking for a more comprehensive kit with additional parts and examples to get you started, you can check out Inland’s Uno Super Starter Kit. If you're looking for extra help, documentation for the Uno R3 Mainboard can be found on the Community Knowledge Base.

Single 5V Relay Module for Arduino

If you’re looking for a way to control higher voltage electronics, like a lamp, from your microcontroller, a relay could be your answer. While we highly recommend doing your research and checking with a qualified electrician before working with anything with a higher voltage, relays are great ways to control power using a lower voltage - like using this 5V relay to control upwards of 250v @ 10a. The Inland Single 5V Relay Module for Arduino can be connected to an Arduino simply using 3 wires: ground, voltage, and signal. Full documentation for the Inland Single 5v relay can be found on the Community Knowledge Base.

Inland PIR Motion Sensor Module

Many of the modules we have are considered input modules. Input modules wait for a change in the environment, whether it's an action taken by a person or a natural change, like lighting or temperature. Once that change happens, then the microcontroller will take an action or record an event. This PIR - or Passive InfraRed module - is a great way to trigger a main board or microcontroller to take an action based on movement in an environment. These sensors are found in many things we interact with every day already, such as door sensors and automatic scent sprayers. This module can again be connected to a microcontroller with only 3 cables, ground, signal, and voltage. Full documentation for the Inland PIR Motions Sensor Module can be found on the Community Knowledge Base.

Make sure to check out your local Micro Center store for a full assortment of Maker Boards, modules, and parts. Don’t forget to check out the Community as well for information on parts/boards and module - documentation for most modules and boards can be found on our Inland Maker Knowledge Base

Looking for more information about Arduino and Raspberry Pi? We’ve got a Hobby Board section of the community, as well as Hobby Board guides like The Definitive Micro Computer Buying GuideRaspberry Pi Basics, and How to Create a Retro Game Console with Raspberry Pi! And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to post a new discussion and the Community will be happy to help!


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