3D Printing Projects: Beginner STEM RGB Light-Up Lantern

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The Light-Up Lantern is a fantastic project for anyone looking to get their start in the Maker space. It's easy to print and easy to assemble, making it accessible for printers of all ages. Plus, it makes for a great accent feature in any room!

Did you know Micro Center has a Printables page? Check it out for a wide range of awesome 3D printing projects!

Project: The Beginner STEM RGB Light-Up Lantern

Files: https://www.printables.com/model/582412-beaux-arts-rgb-light-up-lantern

Project Materials:

Printer Settings:

  • Print Time: 2d 23h 10m
  • Total Pieces: 14
  • Infill 10% Gyroid
  • Bed Temp 60c
  • Nozzle 215
  • 2 perimeters
  • Glass Topper: Supports on Build Plate Only, Printed Upside Down
  • Glass Holder: Needs Support Under Flat Hang Only


1) Print 4 of each small and large lantern details (STL called Small Detail x4, Large Detail x4

2) Glue the small to the Glass Holder. The smaller detail piece has a cutout so that it can line up with the glass holder when gluing it in place. 2 drops of glue are needed.

3) Glue the blue “glass” into the Glass Holder. If your print has a seam, make sure to hide it behind one of the pillars for a cleaner look.

4) Glue on the Large Detail pieces to the Glass Topper

5) Glue the Glass Holder and Glass Top. The glue goes into the 4 square holes on the Glass Top.


This is the LED Light Strip used in this project. It is a simple setup using this strip, as nothing else is needed.

1) Wrap the LED Strip around the Light Pillar. Gently pull the LED strip tight to use as many lights on it as possible. Peel back the adhesive on the back of LED's to stick the strip to the Pillar - no extra glue needed.

2) Cut off the excess LED Strip. ***Do not cut the circuit. Cut it at one of the sections that has 4 tan ovals.*** Shown in the picture that has scissors cutting the LED strip.

3) Plug in the LED into the included control box. Ensure the arrows line up.

4) Screw on the Bottom piece of the Lantern and pull the electrical cord through the opening.

5) Plug the electrical plug into the control box and hide all cords in the lantern. The light pillar should be fit into the bottom.

6) Plug your lantern into an outlet and use the included remote to change colors, patterns, and brightness

And that's it! You have successfully put together your very own lantern, made entirely from scratch!

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