How to clear the print queue in Windows 10

edited February 12 in Windows

The print queue shows what documents have been sent from the computer to the printer and are trying to print. If you are experiencing issues with documents not printing in Windows, and you have already verified that you are using the correct printer, it may be because there are documents pending or running into an error in the print queue. This can be easily solved by clearing the print queue.

Here is how to clear the print queue in Windows 10:

1.   The print queue can be found in the Devices and Printers menu. To open Devices and Printers, press the Windows key on your keyboard and the letter R at the same time to open a Run window. Enter “control printers” into the Run window and then press OK.

2. Once the Devices and Printers window is open, it will show a list of all printers installed to the computer. There may be a green check mark on one of the devices indicating it is the default printer.

3.   Select the printer that needs its queue cleared by right-clicking on it and choose See what’s printing from the list that appears.

4. A properties window will open for the printer. Select the Printer menu and then choose Cancel All Documents. Now any queued documents will be cleared, and the next document sent to the printer will be the first in the queue to be printed.

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