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How to disable Print to PDF in Windows 10

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If you're printing on your Windows 10 system and it wants to create a PDF instead of printing, and you aren't interested in this option, this article will show you how to disable Print to PDF in Windows 10. This will prevent it from being selected as an option when printing from the computer.

Here is how to disable print to PDF in Windows 10:

  1. Right click on the Start button then choose Settings.

    Quick Access Menu Settings

  2. From the Windows Settings screen that appears, select Devices.

    Windows Settings Devices

  3. On the Settings page that opens, in the left column select Printers & scanners.

    Device Settings Printers  scanners

  4. Under Printers & scanners, locate Microsoft Print to PDF select it to get additional options.

    Printers  scanners Microsoft Print to PDF

  5. Select Remove Device. On the popup to confirm removal, select Yes.

    Microsoft Print to PDF Remove Device

    Remove device confirmation window

  6. Print to PDF no longer appears in the available printer list.

    List of available printers  scanners

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