Welcome to the Micro Center Community.

If you're looking to build or upgrade a PC, feel free to post questions and one of technical experts, or our savvy customers will help guide you in the right direction.

Please don't forget to include relevant info to allow us to help you quicker, such as:
  • Budget
  • Use case (the games or applications you wish to run)
  • Specific compatibility requirements (e.g. monitors or other hardware)

Micro Center Resources:
Our popular PC Builder helps you chose the right parts for your next build. Sign in to your Micro Center Insider account to save and share the build you've put together. You can then reserve the parts for in-store pickup or print a shopping list and have one of our store sales associates double check your selections.

If you want to get into streaming, podcasting, or vlogging, use this tool to help choose the parts you need to become a creator.

For those of you into car racing, this tool helps you select the frame, chair, monitor stands and controls to get you set up for your next pole position.
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