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We're teaming up with Logitech G and DrLupo to offer you a chance to win some Limited Edition peripherals!

Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse

Logitech G Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

To be entered in the Logitech G DrLupo Limited Edition Contest, follow the few simple steps listed down below!

All you need to do is join this community forum and reply to this thread with the following:

1.    Attach photos of your current battle station peripherals

2.    Tell us what you use them for

3.    Tell us your favorite peripheral and your upgrade wish list

Good luck!

Contest begins 12:01 am ET on August 1st, 2020

Contest ends 11:59 pm ET on August 31st, 2020.

The winner will be drawn Tuesday, September 1st, 2020
See attached contest terms and conditions.


  • xBig_Manx
    Logitech G430 - Headset for team comms. 
    Corsair M65 Pro RGB - My favorite gaming mouse for FPS games. The DPS drop button is awesome for sniping or having more control in a shootout.
    PowerA Xbox One Wireless Controller - Some games just aren't very keyboard friendly, ya know?
    Red Dragon Kava Mechanical keyboard - A very responsive and fun to use keyboard. A little on the loud side but I also kind of like that. 
    Maingear XL Mousepad - Ol' reliable. A great priced and smooth mousepad with plenty of room

  • Logitech G Pro Keyboard - I lost some keycaps but it's still running good from 2018 :smile:
    Old Microsoft Mouse - It has some quirks but it's the best mouse 
    Logitech G430 - The T1 Special
    HyperX Mousemat - It's big but not big enough for my desk :disappointed:
    My favorite peripherals are my keyboard and my mouse. 
  • ShopStoopid
    My peripherals are used for gaming. 
    Model O - Recent purchase to upgrade old mouse, most money I’ve invested in a mouse
    Razer Chroma - First keyboard, really nice just not a fan of them compared to mechanical keyboards from what I’ve seen
    Qck XXL - Gift from Christmas
    Razer  Nari - Had to get a new headset because I broke my other one
    my favorite has to be the model O, I never really thought the difference of the weight comparison.
    I plan to upgrade my keyboard to a mechanical in the near future when I get some more money and possibly a proper monitor.
  • blast0ise

    Varmilo va97m
    Logitech g703
    Used mostly for gaming but also work and music. Would love to move up to the logictech gpro mouse and keyboard! 
  •  Logitech G105 keyboard. An old gaming keyboard that's been through a lot of torture, and works flawlessly, however I'd like to change it out.

    Hyper X cloud alpha headset. Considering I use a blue snowball I don't use the headset mic,

    Alesis iO2 express. Music and gaming purposes. [does this even count?]

    Logitech G403 gaming mouse, I am pretty precise with this mouse. Very easy to grip and the perfect size for my hand. Nice

    POWER A Xbox 360 controller. It's classic and absurdly lightweight. which makes it nicer to hold. Mainly used for racing games or some FPS'

    Blue snowball, I Use this for communication instead of the headset mic due to the audio catching over the headset mic. which is very strange. Yes i took off the badge on the front because the reflection of it was kind of distracting Don't worry! I can put it back on if i want!

    I Don't have a mouse-pad as of right now.

    i use these all for gaming, and my plan is to upgrade the keyboard to a red switch RK61 60% from royal kludge [maybe] and i plan to get a pair of beyerdynamic dt990's for music. My favorite peripheral on my desk is my mouse and headset. Thank you guys for the chance! Stay safe!
  • RomanMiller_300
    edited August 2020

    I use a red dragon keyboard 
    logitech g502
    And a dell monitor 
    want to upgrade my monitor and keyboard 
    Use for gaming and school work. I built 4 computers all parts from micro center 
  • Velocityhd7
    •keyboard(IOGEAR Hver pro x rgb optical 
    •mouse(Corsair m65 RGB elite FPS gaming mouse  
    •Headset(A10 astros 
    •Radom mouse Pad from Amazon  

  • Alorip911
    I use this for normal live streaming and playing Pubg and Valoran.
    I’m looking to upgrade to some news 60% keyboard or something that have mechanical switch.
    And also I have been using my peripheral and it glitching sometimes. 

  • I use these for my school work, Coding and light gaming
    My keyboard: Logitech k230
    My mouse: Logitech B170
    My headphones: Generic headphones from amazon

    My favourite Mouse: Logitech G502 Hero
    My favourite Keyboard: Logitech G512 Carbon
    My favourite Headphones: G431

    I do like my current keyboard and mouse but it really slows me as it is a membrane keyboard which limits quick typing and my mouse has like a 2 second delay because of which gaming is almost impossible. I would love to get this upgrade as i'm getting into software development and gaming and with my current peripherals it will be hard for me to do these things especially gaming.
  • Sharper1

    2.    Light gaming / Work
    3.My keyboard: Stock HP
    My mouse: Stock HP
    My headphones: Jabra Evolve

     My favorite Mouse: Logitech G502 Hero
    My favorite Keyboard: Logitech G512 Carbon
    My favorite Headphones: Jabra Evolve
  • AndrewG

    RIG 500 that my friend gave me - Headset for audio and microphone
    Razer Death Adder v2 - My first real gaming mouse.  The weight feels really nice, and the shape fits well in my hand.
    Razer Huntsman - My first keyboard i bought.  Very fast and not too loud.  Does take up a large part of my desk.
    Hyper Fury S Mousemat - Great mousepad, was a huge upgrade from just my desk.  Really like the performance for the price.
    Razer Mouse Bungee - A gift from my brother.  Really helps with cord management.  Honestly really great product.
    My favorite peripheral is my mouse.  The performance is such a jump from the off brand mouse i was using.
    My upgrade list is going to be the audio technica mx50 headphones. One of the streamers I watch uses them and can hear every tiny sound.
    I was also looking into purchasing a blue yeti microphone, but the price is a little high.  I will probably settle for one of the amazon "streamer" kits.
  • Smilinbob

    Dynex Keyboard
    Microsoft basic mouse
    Basic mousepad
    Logitech Pro headset which does not get used due to the PC not recognizing the mic.
    I use this setup mainly for World of Warcraft, but also work, who am I kidding, mostly WoW.
    PC was built with Microcenter parts in Nov 2019.
    My favorite peripheral would have to be the keyboard, it is what is used most in all the games/work I play and do.  I have been wanting to upgrade these for a while, just have not got around to it.  My first upgrade would be to the keyboard(mechanical) and then to the mouse.
    Thank you!
  • Mcewanmj10
    Alright I use my peripherals currently for school. We recently bought this pc for school work due to Covid. But I’m slowly starting to get into gaming. 
    I have a Sade’s Scythe Mouse
    Asus Keyboard (Came with PC)
    some speakers for better audio 
    Logitech webcam for Zoom classes
    currently no mouse pad
    My favorite is definitely the scythe mouse it’s very clean and as my first mouse for gaming I really like it. Got it about 2 weeks ago and I’m very happy with it. I plan to upgrade a lot. This PC is meant for basic things not gaming so I need to upgrade parts but I do plan to get a proper keyboard and mousepad soon. That’s all, Thank you.
  • prav

    I use my peripherals for work and gaming. The PC is custom-built during the week of August 2nd.
    Mouse- Rii Wireless Mouse
    Keyboard- Insignia Keyboard ( I don't know if there is a certain model)
    Speaker- BOSE Soundbar
    Webcam- Logitech
    I don't have a mousepad. My favorite peripheral is the soundbar. It was being supposed to be used for a TV but after I built the PC, I moved the soundbar to here. I would upgrade probably the keyboard first as it is the oldest part but still works. 
  • gavin_goodnight
    edited August 2020
    Used for gaming/video editing. Would be really nice to have the wireless mouse/keyboard for a better looking cable
    I would upgrade my mouse to any decent brand of a wireless mouse.
    Keyboard - Corsair K63
    Mouse Corsair Harpoon
    Mousepad - Corsair MM330

  • Madeline
     I use my battlestation for gaming, photo editing,  general personal and work use. 
    Keyboard: HAVIT HV-KB395L RGB Wired Gaming Keyboard (love this brand, though it's not well known)
    Mouse: Logitech G700s Wireless Laser Mouse
    Speaker: Logitech Z313 25 W 2.1 Channel Speakers (over 5 years old and still going strong)
    Headset: Corsair - HS50 Pro Wired Headset
    Others: Xbox Wireless controller (some games just play better on controller, sue me  :D ), generic ultrawide mouse pad

    My favorite peripheral I currently have (not counting my monitors) is probably my keyboard, though it takes up a lot of desk space. Top on my upgrade list is probably my headset (would love to go wireless) or my mouse (it works great, but I'm a sucker for some RGB and sadly this one is lacking)

  • EddyTowers
    This battlestation is used mostly for gaming, and online classes. 
    Keyboard: Inland MK-S
    Mouse: Inland GM-76 (Might change back to Razer Death Adder since this one is a little too small for my hand)
    Monitor: Benq 22" LCD (Not that great)
    Speakers: Creative Gigaworks T20 (Have had over 5 years, and still sound amazing.)
    XBox Controller for certain games, works surprisingly well for Hungry Shark Evolution on my phone...
    Ultrawide Global map mouse pad bought from Wish.com
    The RXbar is there in case I get hungry...

    My favorite is the Inland MK-S Keyboard. Feels and performs outstanding, especially for the price. Would possibly move up to the OM-X in the future, but I'm happy with this one for now. The only upgrade I'm currently planning on is to get a better monitor and probably give this one to my son to connect to his XBox One.
  • Kieran

    Battle station used for playing games and having fun with friends during this time where interaction is limited 
    Headset is razor nari- comms with teammates 
    keyboard came with my power spec computer- inputing commands  
    mouse is Logitech g203 wired- moving and selecting variables 

    moniter1: Asus tuf gaming 27 inch curved. Landscape display Great for playing games 
    moniter2: dell 24 inch. Portrait display moniter good for managing discord and watching YouTube 
    chair: good for sitting 

    favorite peripheral is my headset because the sound is very clear and there are two separate audio tracks for chat and game meaning you could turn one up or the other to hear better, say if the game is to loud. 

    upgrade could consist of a new keyboard for rgb factors, my current keyboard is shy of. 

  • Adama
    Balling on a budget 
  • Zwarrior972
    Logitech G502 Hero: Amazing mouse. Would prefer something wireless but it has served me well. 
    Anne Pro 2: My favorite peripheral. Compact, good looking and amplified by the pudding key caps. Plus it's always fun seeing people struggle to use a 60%. 
    HyperX Cloud Flight: Great headset, love the wireless. Although audio quality and comfort are spotty. 

    My wishlist is:

    Logitech Pro Keyboard & Mouse, because they are very very clean 
    A wireless headset that sounds decent lol
  • lymanamyl

    I play games like CS:GO with Keyboard+Mouse and switch to the gamepad for games likes Spelunky and Tomb Raider.
    The balisong trainer I just got since it seemed like fun to learn to flip it.
    I'm kind of a sucker for peripherals, but I would love a full matching Lightspeed set of peripherals, like the Logitech G903 and the full size Logitech G915. Also their new steering wheel looks super fun.
  • Adderexia

    I use my set up mainly for gaming and streaming. I love my Logitech mouse. The only room for improvement would be a softer keyboard or wireless mouse set up.

  • virgil89
    Currently using:
    1. Logitech MX Master - Good to use for multiple computers and productivity
    2. Apple keyboard - standard keyboard Bluetooth.
    3. ShuttlePRO v2 - video editing and general purpose macro launcher.
    4. Generic keyboard/mouse combo - for old laptop that has its keyboard broken.
    Main use is work coding/editing. Haven't had a chance to play games yet.
    Future Upgrade:
    1. New keyboard for main computer. Searching a mechanical one preferably with multi device connection.
    2. Upgrade my MX Master to probably the lastest the Logitech MX Master as I think is the best mouse around.
  • LookitsBirdi
    Current Setup:

    1. Glorious Model - O mouse
    2. Corsair K70 SE
    3. Blue Yeti on Arm
    4. Glorious PC Gaming Race Mouse Mat

    Main usage is gaming but I do work from home with this setup as well. 
    My next upgrade is most likely replacing the Mouse Mat as it is starting to fray, or getting some fresh new keycaps.
  • Bengy

    Well this is my “gaming setup but it isn’t i hope I win this bec my mouse and keyboard are not that good and my headset is turtle beach 60 I hope I win the keyboard is a dell office and the mouse is amazon 
  • Zenno

    Currently using a simple Logitech g300 mouse, Beats by Dre from 7 years ago, Durgod venus 60% keyboard and a Board mousepad from Amazon. It's somewhat manageable for games but my beats are starting peel on the ear pieces. Also I play on a y50 from 2013, so being limited to 60hz, I have to upgrade anything I can.
    My ideal wishlist is Logitech G903 mouse for accurate shooting, Logitech Pro X keyboard for fast responsive mechanics, and Logitech Pro X for that crispy wireless audio. A Logitech G x Herman Miller gaming chair would be nice to place my cheeks on but that's a bit out of budget.
  • AceB00gie
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    My Gaming Setup

    Monitors: 1) ASUS VG278 144hz 2) ASUS VP278 (70hz IIRC) 
    Keyboard: Ducky Mecha Mini with a mixture of custom keycaps (Baby blue Taihao Rubber & Ducky Black Pudding for the rest)
    Mouse: Glorious Model O
    Headset: Arctis Pro Wireless
    Mousepad: HyperX XXL
    PC: Lian-LI Liancool II case , Ryzen 9 3600x, RTX 2070 super, 64gb gksill trident ram, 1tb samsung 970 evo, NZXT kraken x62 cpu cooler, and 3 Nzxt Fans tied into the Hue 2 system that has light strips behind the monitor.

    Everything you see here was bought at the Micro center in Rockville, MD except for the keyboard, headset, xbox controller and Hue-2 system. To be quite honest the only thing I really need to upgrade is the mouse. Switched over to the Model O at the start of quarantine when I built this beast of a PC, and it doesn't feel as good as my old logitec g403. Love the Dr. Lupo swag, been a fan of his for about 3 years now, Love to see him take off like he has recently <3
  • clout
    I use my setup for streaming and competitive gaming. DrLupo has been an idol to me since the beginning of Fortnite. My mouse is a bit outdated and I feel like his signature mouse would go perfect with my setup and help me competitively. My favorite peripheral is my mouse pad because it covers my whole desk. Being that DrLupos mouse is wireless the amount of space is endless. My dream mouse is to have a logitech G Pro Wireless. What a coincidence my favorite streamer partnered with Logitech/Micro Center to do this amazing giveaway, good luck to everyone!!
  • Venaur
    This is my hodgepodge setup for gaming. A little bit of everything. Mostly this is for League of Legends and the random steam game or two. 
    My favorite here is the Logitech G603 mouse. I love that it is wireless and has a super long battery life. 

    If i were to upgrade anything here i'd be looking to upgrade the keyboard. It works well but there are much better options. Maybe go for the Logitech G815. :) 

  • tefaholic
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    edited August 2020
    I have this gaming pc that cost $500 from amazon and it came with the keyboard and mouse.I really need a mouse because I’m starting to get into gaming.My parents bought the PC just for school work because i I had a cheap laptop.My parents bought it it kinda works good but i stick with it.The keyboard and mouse came with the PC and i am currently trying to be a professional Esports gamer.Please help me with my setup,it will mean the world to me.I also don’t have headphones so I use speakers to help with the sound.Thank you for this opportunity

    My favorite peripheral is my Monitor because it’s a 60HZ Monitor
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