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Resolving Address Verification Issues Online

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For security and accuracy, we require that the billing address entered matches with the one on file with your bank. We apologize if you experience any issues when placing an order online. In the event you get an error message, here are just a few things you can try when placing your order:

1.) Spell out any numbers on addresses where the street name is a number. Examples:

  • 3rd Street -> Third Street
  • 123rd St -> One Hundred Twenty Third Street


2.) Only enter the Suit/Apartment Number for the shipping address. Do not enter it under the Billing Address. You will have to check the box next to Yes! My Shipping Address is different than my Billing Address. Then enter the entire address including the Unit or Apartment number in the Shipping Address area below.

If you are still encountering issues, and this is an Online Order to be Shipped, please contact our MCOL team at 614-850-3675; option 3 and the order can be placed over the phone.


If you are still encountering issues and this is an In-Store Pick Up, I highly recommend coming to the store without the reservation to purchase the item off the shelf.


  • please undo this, this is customer dis-services as none of the suggestion work for the online form, only option is calling in an order now.   No store close to me, please find a better solution
  • Hi, I am literally copying and pasting the address from my online banking account and am still receiving this error.
    I was hoping to use Micro Center as my standard supply of PLA filament and I don't want to have to call a representative every time I need a refill.
  • tried your method above ^, but it forces me to add entries to the shipping address.
  • Found a workaround.
    I just entered my billing address without the unit.
    However, on the shipping address, I added the unit on the same line as my street address.
  • @kickwriteteach and @haightc - We appreciate your feedback. Whenever you have to call to place the order over the phone, we notify our IT department of the issue. We are working to get all of these issues resolved for everyone.

    Thanks for the comment! We will look into this and see if the article needs an update.

  • This didn't work for the first three times but I did exactly what was posted and it worked by following out the first thing of spelling out the street address. I took out the unit for the billing and placed it in the shipping address and it worked on the fourth try.  Follow this directly and it should work.
  • This would be a joke, if it were even remotely amusing.  230th Ave does not work and your system says Two Hundred Thirtieth Avenue is an invalid address.  This problem is over a month old at this point.
  • Ok, so what I did was;
    Billing Info
    First Name Last Name
    1234 Sesame Ave
    City, State Zip
    Phone #

    Shipping Address
    First Name Last Name
    1234 Sesame Ave
    Unit A123
    City, State, Zip

    This worked for me.
  • This issue is several months old at this point, and I can't get around it in February 2021. I tried spelling out the street address, and the transaction was declined by my card. Having your system discourage online orders seems like a quick way to join the likes of Modell's in bankruptcy.

  • Sorry to hear that you're still having this issue after trying the steps above. Please contact us directly at 614-850-3675 press option 3

    We'd be happy to take your information to better adjust the verification system and assist you with placing the order.

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