ASUS TUF Gaming GeForce GTX 1650 SUPER

This is the graphics card recommended for my first build with my grandson.
It's not available. at the present time.
I'm on a budget and the cost of the card is $169.95.
What is a good alternative for the same or similar price?

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  • Bigchungus007
    Answer ✓
    From what you've provided, everything should be compatible. Your motherboard only takes DDR4 memory, but assuming the RAM you bought is new it is almost guaranteed to be DDR4. It might say on the packaging but you can also verify it is DDR4 by trying to put it in your motherboard. There should be a notch at the bottom where the gold lines are that lines up with a notch in the motherboard's RAM slots. 

    You didn't mention the case, but in some cases the power supply may not fit. This is also very unlikely to be an issue.
    Your motherboard is mATX, so check with the case manufacturer that it can hold mATX motherboards.

    I can't think of a situation where a modern graphics card would not be compatible with your motherboard. Whether you go with AMD or Nvidia, they will work with your motherboard.


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