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PowerSpec G464 rebooting randomly

Hi. I just purchased a PowerSpec G464 system a couple of days ago and it is rebooting for no reason and randomly. Sometimes its during gameplay (wow classic, not the most intensive) and sometimes while looking at YouTube over Chrome and sometimes just clicking around windows. Also, I did some investigating and it looks like the site specs says DDR4-3200 and it look like I have DDR4-2400, so I am a bit confused there. I am hoping you all can assist me here. I have built a lot of systems, but I didn't want to get crazy here before I asked if there was some known issue that might be causing this on this particular build. Thanks.
Based on other posts, I see you've asked for screenshots of CPU-Z. So here you go:



  • Hello @DaveM sorry you are having issues with the Powerspec. We want to be able to track this issue with a Tech Support case. Can you give us your reference number off your receipt or first name, last name and zip code on the purcahse? The G464 has a Asus Tuf Gaming X570 board on the inside. Lets first troubleshoot the board. Here is a link below. Update the Chipset driver first. It has a 10/27/2020 update date. After updating the chipset driver, test the computer. Launch WOW and see if it continues to randomly shut off.  If it happens again, go back to the Tuf x570 link below and do a BIOS update. If need a video or link on how to update a ASUS motherboard bios let us know. But we want to first see if the chipset driver will fix the issue. Also can you go into Task Manager, then under performance and let us know the speed for memory listed in Task Manager. We trust the CPU-z software, but we want to make sure Windows is identifying the same RAM speed. The G464 should have DDR4-3200 mhz RAM.

  • Since I wrote this, I've updated everything except the Bios. I will do that as a last resort since the update is still "beta". The task manager does show 3200, so it must be an issue with the tool. I haven't seen the crash yet, but I will come back if it happens. Otherwise, the updates may have solved the problem. It was odd though, one of the crashes (watching a youtube video full screen) resulted in a buzzing sound from the box and then the hard reboot. No errors in event logs or anything. Very odd. 
  • @DaveM Okay glad to hear no issues so far. Keep us posted.
  • I have bought the exact same PC recently and have had the same issue with the random reboots. I even went in and they swapped out the pc with a brand new one. Same issues playing warzone. Updated chipset drivers and am still getting reboots. How do I perform a BIOS update?
  • I updated the chipset and then updated the BIOS and I'm still getting random restarts, but only when playing Warzone. I played cyberpunk 2077 for a couple hours straight with no issues.  Any other possible options?  Could it be the power supply?
  • Hello @MJend15

    Have you done any troubleshooting with Warzone?  Setting changes or uninstalling reinstalling?  Not saying that it's specifically Warzone but it could be something that Warzone is doing that triggers the system to restart.  
  • Dcol2Dcol2
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    So far I’m pretty upset. I have the same issue as op. I bought my g464 during black Friday considering the nice price and rig setup. Had the problem as soon as I started playing Warzone about a day after setting up my desk. A couple days pass and it would randomly restart whether it be during pregame or during the game - happen spontaneously on its own.

    I called service and stepped into one of the mc locations and was suggested to swap
    out for another one as I was told it could be a bad graphics card. So I did the following week in December, clean swap with a brand new one. Everything was all good until it started to happen again. 

    I consulted my friend who has a similar dog rig and we updated the drivers, updated the bios, and widows os for more stability. Everything seemed like it ran more smoothly, however that didn't solve my problem for the random reboot. So we then ran a stress test on the gpu and cpu for 30+ minutes and it did not a skip a heartbeat or anything that indicated something was off. We checked the event viewer and it stated a kernel power/sleep error and upon further research on the times it would crash/reboot (black screen), apparently this particular computer setup does not like to be on power saving or have a sleep mode setting. So we turned it off.  Out of the box, I found that this was also Oc'd and we even updated to stock settings. Again, everything seemed like it worked okay for about a day, and then boom it started happening again.

    One particular odd thing I've noticed while looking into my settings is that the ram frequency was at 2400 rather than the advertised 3200, which completely threw me off considering it was being ran on auto. So I set it to DOCP to where it should've been and got it running as the advertised frequency. Thought that also worked as I didn't run into any issues for a couple of days, but then soon after it started to reboot again playing Warzone, same error code for Kernel power. 

    So I ran a mtest, for many hours until completion, there were no errors found and everything found to be normal. I had my brother help me diagnose this and upon further speculation and knocking out each variable, he suspects a bad psu. I called MC tech services and described my issues as stated here, and was told the same thing - A bad psu and was suggested an upgrade to a 1000 watt psu being that someone had a similar issue and found to be that this was his fix. Not sure of the powerspec hardware components to be a culprit, but I'm at a loss to what could cause the random boot issue. 

    Such a headache this is, I bought a prebuilt computer for the sole reason of avoiding these kinds of problems. My friend's swear by the MC brand and their quality service and products, but I'm starting to believe otherwise since I'm having very bad luck with this prebuilt. I should not be having these issues being that I bought a brand new computer and built by a trusted brand - not to mention spending around $1600 with tax. 

    I'm stopping by MC today (12/13) and dropping off my g464 for them to take a look at it, replace/upgrade whatever necessary. Really sad that within just a few days, service tech know my name already. Even worse, both Elston and Westmont locations are about 1.5hours away from me. Super inconvenient. 

  • Greetings @davem @Dcol2

    We apologize for the trouble with the new system and we're certainly going to look into it. I'd ask that you please run bluescreenview and screenshot the results: https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/bluescreenview.zip 

    Neither of you mentioned BSOD's, sounds like an intermittent power loss, but we'd like to verify nothing is being logged that could account for this.

    Regarding the memory speed, enabling DOCP is not part of the BIOS defaults. This is something we enable. if the BIOS defaults are reset then DOCP is disabled, and 2400 is the JEDEC profile the RAM in this system, will train to on this motherboard. This could have been missed.

    As for the power supply, I've load tested this power supply on a considerably more demanding system, over a long period of time and it held up well. Please provide any information that you're able to. We'll investigate this further.
  • Hello, I'd like to add that I am experiencing similar issues with my PowerSpec G464. I've had it for a little over a week and it has restarted unexpectedly twice. Once while I was using Firefox, which was odd, and again yesterday while I was playing Star Wars Battlefront II. I have not tried to update the BIOS, but will do that today and then give an update after a few days.

    It seems to be rather random, and I cannot produce conditions where it restarts predictably. I tried running Star Wars Battlefront II again at a taxing level (it runs 144 fps on Ultra with 0 issues) and it did not restart again. Regardless, I will try these updates and wait and see if it restarts again. Thanks for the help!
  • Just got done with mc in westmont. Apparently my AIO pump went bad, ended up replacing the psu as well to an EVGA 850 Gold full mod.

    Wish me luck..
  • @dcups Good Luck. Chime back in anytime if there is anything else we can do for you on the Microcenter Community Forum.
  • So far so good. 

    Changed my psu to an evga 850 gold and replaced AIO pump. So far so good. 
  • @dcups Is that still working for you?  I'm still having random reboots.. When I took mine into MC last week they ran a stress test and said it was a driver issue so they uninstalled and reinstalled and then ran cyberpunk for 4 hours with no issues.  As soon as I took it home and booted it up it immediately rebooted and has been doing it since.  Had it reboot probably 5 times so far today..  I don't know what else to do at this point other than return it for a different model.  Seems like there's at least 6 of us with the same issue on new prebuilt computers...
  • @TSTDavey
    Just curious if you guys have looked into this further since it seems to be a common issue people are having with this model. Could it be an issue specific to this motherboard? From what I’ve read it seems like it’s a common problem. Is there a concrete answer or solution for this issue yet?I have been away from home for the holidays so I haven’t been able to monitor it to see if it happens again, and my 15 day return period has expired. I’m getting nervous that this problem will never be fixed and I could very well have wasted $1500 on a pre built. Really trusted microcenter so this has been disappointing to say the least. Thanks for your help and any info you can provide.
  • Hello @sdjh34 sorry you are having issues as well. Do you also have a G464 Powerspec? Is the computer still randomly rebooting? To answer your question random rebooting can either be the motherboard not functioning correctly with windows, as to why at the top of this post, I mentioned to do motherboard chipset driver updates. Other times for random reboots could be a  Video card issue. It really depends on the behavior of the pc's random reboots. Is it common? It could be, the Powerspec is Microcenters custom build brand. Its not a Dell or an HP, its a custom build PC made by Microcenter. Custom built pc's you have to keep it up to date with windows as well its components. The Windows updates should install your hardware drivers, but sometimes windows won't find them, especially for custom built pc's. So sometimes the PC user has to update the hardware drivers if they need an update. You'll only know if it needs an update when something isn't working. If you'd like to return the Powerspec, reply back. We can create a ticket for it to track the return. If you still have the box and packaging, we can go up to 30 days from the date of purchase to except your return for an exchange or refund. We can also help you troubleshoot the reboots so it no longer behaves that way.
  • dcupsdcups
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    Problem still occurs for me after replacing psu and AIO pump. This thing is trash! All I’m doing is tossing more money into it and really close to the $2k Mark. I don’t know anyone in their right mind who would find this to be acceptable, let alone allow such an intolerable quality build of a pc, just throwing things together and hoping it sticks. Seems more of a common issue to me. Although things like this may be common in the tech world, I’m sure the odds of this happening to this particular make and model, continuously, should be recalled in some sort of way. Just like vehicles. 

    I love the computer, just hate that I spent almost $2k on a sub par rig that doesn’t even handle a qtr of what it is meant to handle. It’s no wonder they had only one in stock at both the elston and westmont location, and I bought both - still the same problem. 

    QC needs some accountability here.

  • @TSTDavey all my drivers are up to date. Updated chipset drivers as well as motherboard BIOS. Still getting the issues to occur. The issue is common - at least twice every time I use the PC
  • @MJend15 sorry you are having issues with the Powerspec g464. Looks like it has a 5700xt GPU in it. We will emailing you get some more information from you to troubleshoot further. Look for the email and in the meantime, set your power option to High Performance, see link below if need instructions on how to do that. Then test out your game once it set to high performance.

  • Computer is set to high performance. Still does the same thing
  • @dcups Okay, did you get our email? We have some questions on the behavior of the powerspec. We can troubleshoot there or you can bring it to the store for our techs there to take a look at the system.
  • dcupsdcups
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    Never got it. Please send it to [removed personal info]@comcast.net
  • @dcups Thank you for letting us know. A ticket has been started for this issue and you should be receiving an email shortly. Please let us know if you do not receive this within the next 30 minutes of this post. Thank you for your patience. 
  • I'm also having the same issue with this computer. It rebooted 5 times today and I've only had this machine for 2 weeks. Has anyone found out what the issue is?
  • IanIan admin
    I'm also having the same issue with this computer. It rebooted 5 times today and I've only had this machine for 2 weeks. Has anyone found out what the issue is?
    Greetings, Are you getting any blue screens or anything? Any error messages? 
  • I also have a G464 and its randomly rebooted at least 3 times in the week that ive had it
  • Guys, many of the prebuilts made in the past couple months were made with a bad batch of AMD 5700 xts that result in this crashing problem. I went to microcenter and had them swap out my graphics card for an amd 5700 xt that came out under a new batch and I haven't had any crashing issues yet. Will come back and post if I do though.
  • i think one of the reps stopped responding? Not sure if I see the continued email.
  • IanIan admin
    LLagunas said:
    I also have a G464 and its randomly rebooted at least 3 times in the week that ive had it
    Greetings, Are you getting any blue screens or anything? Any error messages? Is there a specific program or anything that you are using when these issues occur? 
  • IanIan admin
    Dcol2 said:

    Dcol2 said:
    i think one of the reps stopped responding? Not sure if I see the continued email.
    Hello. I am unsure what email you are referring to. I see an earlier post from you that you were going to visit the store for further troubleshooting. You are still experiencing the same issues after it was brought in?  Is there a specific program or anything that you are using when these issues occur? 
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