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How The Queue System Works

So I actually live in Lexington, Kentucky and the closest Microcenter to me is around 2 hours away. I understand that RTX 3080 cards are so hard to get right. I was wondering how the queue system works that is outlined on the website. I didn't quite understand the whole thing while reading through. I am willing to leave the house super early and wait in line but I do not know the best days to do this. I can not get a hold of any specific store. Is the system set up to help you get the cards if available? I am also trying to figure out when the best day to do something like this is. I appreciate in advance anyone's time.


  • IanIan admin

    Greetings. I am sorry we would not have an exact time to provide you for a re-stocking. We have seen most customers are going to the store before it opens to see if we have received shipments. Most often we seem to receive shipments on the weekdays. I'm unable to promise when we'll be receiving any new shipments or offer when to expect a shipment will be delivered, but it seems that most have success going in the morning before we open.

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