ASUS TUF Gaming B550 Plus Series - Ethernet not working

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My husband upgraded my computer with above mentioned motherboard, windows 10, etc etc. Before the upgrade my computer connected fine to the internet. Internet works through out our home, on all devices but mine wired and wi-fi. I called our ISP and the issue is not with them. We have tried changing cords, changing ports on the router, still can't connect on my computer. Drivers have been updated. The computer that he built for me is amazing and much speedier than my previous computer. I just can't connect to the internet. The motherboard is past what I believe as the 15-day window to return. So, I'm hoping that there is just a setting or something that we are missing. The internet indicator in the lower right hand corner of my screen says "Unidentified Network" No internet access - it has told us that we don't have a valid IP config, If anyone has any suggestions it would be very much appreciated.

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