3080 Ti Benchmark and Review

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Amid the high demand for GPUs, NVIDIA has released the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti, a high-end graphics card that will slot between the GeForce RTX 3080 and GeForce RTX 3090. The specs of the 3080 Ti puts it closer to the RTX 3090 than the RTX 3080, though with half of the 3090’s VRAM, dropping to 12GBs in the RTX 3080 Ti. This drop-in VRAM doesn’t stop the 3080 Ti from delivering a beast performance in our benchmarks, though!


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    Recommendation and Test Bench

    We will be using a similar test bench to the one we used for our 11700K Review and Benchmark,

    For our test bench, we’re using an open-air system with the following specs

    We have an article if you are interested in another build that features the 3080 Ti as well.  This build is an all white build using the Gigabyte 3080 TI VISION as the center-piece. 

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    No changes were made to the 3080 Ti, as we want to provide the most out-of-the-box performance for these benchmarks.  All games were set to their highest graphical settings without motion blur.  MSI Afterburner was used as our benchmarking tool when going through in-game benchmarks.  DLSS was not used for any games.    

    Hitman 2 is our first game, and we hit a cap at around 135 frames at both 1080p and 1440p due to a CPU Bottleneck.  105 FPS at 4k is more than enough for 4k 60FPS gaming and shows how great this card is for 4k gaming.  The consistent 1% lows at all resolutions are likely caused by the game benchmark or engine. These lows were not visible outside of benchmark transitions.

    Frametimes are as follow, 1080p; 7.33ms | 1440p; 7.37ms | 4k; 9.51ms

    Civilization VI is not the most demanding of games and here we can see that we are CPU bottlenecked at all resolutions, even at 4K!  Average FPS sat at an outstanding 188 FPS at all resolutions, with minor differences that are within the margin of error.  The game menus force a 60 FPS cap once the benchmark has ended. This is why we see this incredibly consistent 1% low across all resolutions. 

    Frametimes are as follow, 1080p; 5.31ms | 1440p; 5.35ms | 4k; 5.26ms

    Borderlands 3 showed some of the most significant differences between 1080p and 4k in our benchmarks.  However, it is still hitting at least 60 FPS on its 1% low, which is excellent as 4K 60FPS is the target we want to hit when all the settings are set to the highest possible. 1080p 144FPS is also great with all the settings at max as this game can be pretty demanding.  

    Frametimes are as follow, 1080p; 6.93ms | 1440p; 8.33ms | 4k; 14.68ms

    F1 2020 shows us a pretty standard graph when it comes to benchmarking.  FPS goes down in both average and 1% lows while resolution goes up.  With the crazy numbers shown here, we can look at 4k 120-144FPS gaming or even 1080-1440p 240FPS.  This card is a beast, and the big numbers here are proof of its dominance.  

    Frametimes are as follow, 1080p; 4.02ms | 1440p; 4.31ms | 4k; 5.57ms

    Horizon Zero Dawn is another game displaying a fairly expected graph when it comes to benchmarking, and one of the more demanding games we benchmarked as well.  Horizon Zero Dawn is a visually immersive and taxing title that the 3080 Ti makes quick work of showing how it can easily handle this game at all resolutions while still managing an impressively high average FPS.  

    Frametimes are as follow, 1080p; 6.25ms | 1440p; 7.04ms | 4k; 11.06ms

    The last benchmark we ran was a game optimized explicitly for ESports; Rainbow 6 Siege.  ESports titles aren’t the most demanding of games as they want to work in as many systems as possible, so it’s common to see FPS in the 300s in these games.  I was surprised to see high 300s and even 400+ FPS at 1080.  It shows the power of the 3080 Ti on titles like these, which is great for the crowd that plays ESports titles at 1080p 300FPS.  1% Lows remain consistent at 1080p and 1440p and go down at 4k, but still remain in the 200s, which is fantastic.   

    Frametimes are as follow, 1080p; 2.44ms | 1440p; 2.59ms | 4k; 3.79ms

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    NVIDIA’s GeForce 3080 Ti is a beast of a GPU that gets to 60FPS at 4k in one of the most demanding games, Borderlands 3, making this card one of the best around.  Its performance within esports titles like Rainbow 6 Siege is nothing to scoff at, pulling an average of 409 FPS.  Those new 1080p 300+Hz monitors can easily be paired for those wanting every frame of advantage in their esports titles.  

    If you are looking to get yourself a 3080 Ti or any other graphics card from us, please visit our Random Selection Process and FAQ for more information!

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    Looks like a great performing card!

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