Satisfaction is not guaranteed... but I can't blame MicroCenter for that.

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Hello, in May I started my build. I chose ASRock X570 PRO4 Motherboard, TeamGroup T-FORCE Delta RGB:

And some other components that no so important for this story. The only missing component was GPU. You now how hard to find GPU these days: shortage, scalpers, miners, etc.

So, I used my old GTX 750 for quite a while until I finally able to buy RTX 3070 Ti from EVGA queue. When I finally received in mail, I tried to install it and was not able to do it. PCIe x16 slot on this motherboard too close to memory slots, memory that wider than PCB, backplate on new graphics card and as result it does not fit. Now I way over 30 days return window... I can't blame MicroCenter, all according their rules. Just be aware, you have to think some steps ahead to avoid such situations.

P.S. looks like MicroCenter allow returns past 30 days( in some cases, I would be happy if it possible to exchange ASRock X570 PRO4 Motherboard to ASRock B550 Steel Legend AMD AM4 ATX Motherboard. This PCIe x16 slot on this motherboard shifted one position down and there plenty of room between this slot and memory modules.


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