Tell Us Your Favorite 2021 Micro Center Memory and Enter to Win a Gift Card!

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2021 has been a big year for Micro Center, and we want to celebrate by giving back to our Community!

This year, we remodeled our Tustin store, added a new Raspberry Pi Store-in-a-Store to our Dallas Store, overhauled our mobile departments, and that’s just in our stores!

We’ve worked with more influencers than ever, had some amazing launches from AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, and more, and saw tons of top-notch PCs submitted to our build showcase.

But we’d be nothing without our incredible customers, and we want to say thanks for being so great.

So, to help us celebrate, we want to hear your favorite Micro Center Memories from 2021! Maybe you nabbed that new computer, loved a video we put out with one of our great influencers, or just made some new friends on the Community. Whatever it is, we want to hear about it.

Running from today through Wednesday, January 5th, we want to know what your favorite Micro Center Memory was.

But that’s not all: every entry increases our prize pool! For every entry we get, that gift card will grow by $1. So, if we get two hundred entries, it’s $200. All the way up a maximum $500 Micro Center gift card. So be sure to tell your friends to enter – after all, the more the merrier!

Winner will be contacted within a week.

How to enter (see terms and conditions for full contest rules):

·        Join the Micro Center community

·        Post a comment telling us your favorite Micro Center memory of 2021.

Then, share the contest and help our prize grow! (Not required for entry)

We can't wait to hear what everyone loved!

Good luck!

See attached contest terms and conditions.

Contest submission window: 12/22/2021-11:59 AM EST 1/5/2022

One 1st place winner will receive a Micro Center Gift Card worth up to $500 dollars



  • Conner
    My favorite memory was going to the Brentwood store super early for a GPU… only to learn about the raffle system that meant I didn’t have to be there until 9:30… We had a good time though, and I walked out with a 3060!
  • My most memorable memory of the year 2021 in microcenter was when I walked into the store to see gpu's piled up on the shelves. This such a rare sight because of the big gpu sortage that is still going on  😔. That was my favorite memory of 2021 in a microcenter.
  • Greenbean
    My most memorable moment in microcenter was on the 28 to leave my pc for a diagnostic and I went to look at desktops and stuff and saw a pc display and a 3080 in person and it was the most beautiful thing ever 😍
  • My most memorable moment in Micro Center was getting the professional help from the Cambridge store staff to pick out the components I raspberry pi cloud storage build.
  • alee

    My favorite memories are of your videos with Linus Sebastian.

    My favorite memory of micro center was when I wanted to go and help my dad build his pc and we had a lot of fun looking at the prebuilt and printers when we saw one of the last 3060s in stock and we were ecstatic to say the least now my dad has a killer build thanks to the one trip we went just to see what they had
  • Iroc24

    My 2021 memory of Microcenter would be how the team in the maker department helped me save my 3D printer. I had a bad clog and even after taking the entire thing apart, I couldn't free it.

  • Infinity2437
    My favorite memory was in March of 2021, where I found a 3060Ti and 5600X for a build back when 5000 series was still rare.
  • My favorite memory was when I went to micro center in PA to get my case for the start of my pc build. And looking at all the other cool cases lol.
  • spacedest

    My favorite memory was going into the new and improved Tustin store. I really liked the bigger floor space and the quickness of the checkout.

  • Favorite memory probably had to be when I had the chillest RTX 3060 purchase known to man at the Fairfax location. No crazy lines, no outside camping, just some lucky timing I suppose as I walked in to some reasonably priced graphics cards! Don't know how I would've gotten my hands on one otherwise, that's why I love this place.

  • tfullen85
    Waiting outside overnight once I got home from deployment to get my 3080 and CPU with my friend, brought me back to those midnight release days of COD 🤣 In the end it was worth it because I was able to fulfill a promise I made (to myself but still)
  • jcocoma58
    Favorite memory has to be my first time coming here last week and buying a monitor for the first time so I can try streaming it was like a fat boy in a candy store it was amazing, had some help and got right monitor it’s my first time starting so I need to come back and upgrade in the near future. :smile:
  • CEH61

    My favorite memory would be being able to place my order online during this pandemic, then just pop into the Columbus store and having it waiting on me!

  • GDragon
    My favorite memory was building a pc on the fly. My wife had never had a personal desktop before, especially one capable of running current art and game software. I had researched several components but none of the models were in stock when we arrived so with the power of a lot in hand Google-ing and a helpful computer department, I successfully assembled it for my wife, which was the second PC I had ever built, and is still used to this day. 
  • Eevee
    My favorite was coming in there with a budget okay’d by wife and then it turns out we still needed to “talk about it”. It’s been a few months now and she doesn’t seem too keen to have that talk
  • The_Jar29

    My favorite memory is probably going to MicroCenter on black friday to pick up parts for my new PC

  • heyoGERT
    My favorite micro center memory was scoring a free SSD a while back. New games means more space needed!
  • Hitman2323
    My favorite memory is stopping in to exchange a dead hard drive only to see the GPU case full of RTX 30 series cards! No line, no wait, just an I'll take that one!🎮🎮🎮🎮
  • JuanOchoa
    My favorite moment was getting my first monitor and just buying some extra ram for my brand new pc and I love the way it makes my setup look.
  • First Microcenter trip July 8th 2021/My first PC Build!!! BIG SHOUT OUT TO CHRIS AND JESSE!!!🤜🤛


  • haimoc
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    My favorite memory was having Micro Center to help me with hardware recommendations to build my first Gaming PC.  Micro Center had a good package deal for CPU/motherboard & power supply that were cheaper than other retailers.  I ended up with buying most parts from local MicroCenter including my first M2 SSD for this gaming PC.
  • Renegade
    In November of 2020, I went to wait outside of the Duluth store early in the morning to get a 3080. I had some good conversation with other people in line and on Discord. When it came time to get vouchers, someone further up in line was nice enough to trade me for the EVGA GPU that I wanted.
    Later that day, it was memorable to break in the GPU with Fallout 4 which ran very well with some mods.
  • nerbear
    I think my favorite memory has to be finally scoring a gpu. I walked in to the Tustin store to check out the new remodel and suddenly, one of the guys working put a 3080Ti in the cabinet and my jaw just dropped. All the exhausting searching, finally over! Thanks MC!! 
  • Juiced

    My favorite memory with Microcenter was during the start of the pandemic. I just moved to Chicago and knew absolutely know one and it was impossible to socialize with new people. I was honestly getting kind of sad and didn't have anything to do at my apartment by myself.

    When Microcenter opened its Chicago location back, I decided it was time to build a new PC while staying at home all day. When I went it, it was like being a kid at the candy store. My passion for computers got reignited again and it was very fun actually talking to employees and other customers about parts.

    I ended finishing my build, installed Valorant, and joined a few Discord servers to meet gamers to play with. Without this PC, I don't know how I would have lasted alone in my apartment. Thanks to Microcenter providing great prices and a great selection of parts, I was able to enjoy life again!

  • schwarzi

    My favorite memory always changes - every time I visit, it's my favorite visit. Parts, galore! It's practically heaven.

  • computerpicker

    My favorite memory was going towards opening week at the Tustin Microcenter. Viewing the new layout with all the components on display and the GPUs in stock seemed miraculous.

  • MalunaKai
    My favorite memory was getting a whole gaming keyboard and mouse set for free at their grand reopening.  I kept requesting keyboards at work, but all of them were hurting my hand.   I took this to work and love how I can change the colors.   I can type so much faster now!  Thank you!
  • Fredacus

    Stopping in Microcenter for a computer and learning how much I could save building one on my own. I loved learning and my friend got and incredible gift out of it. Much thanks to the genius Microcenter employees!

  • EstebanU
    My Favorite memories at micro center in 2021 was building my 1st ever pc a week after my birthday, but my best memory has to be when I took my little brother to go build his first ever computer and the second we walked through the doors his eyes blew up! The excitement and joy he had walking in and out of micro center was just so amazing to see him so happy 
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