Micro Center Service Highlights: Ryan F. from Parkville - Tips to Keep Your Computer Running Smooth!


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Our Micro Center Service Department offers tons of wonderful services to help you and your loved one’s electronics stay up and running. We perform a wide array of scans to ensure the health and security of your devices. From hardware diagnostics to virus scans, we have the tools to resolve nearly every issue you could run into. Whether you receive one of our free consultations at our Knowledge Bar, or have your system checked in for further inspection, our Service Technicians are ready to help.

I sat down to chat with one of our local Service Technicians, Ryan F. at Micro Center Parkville. We talked about everything from our services to his favorite builds and tips for your own computers!

What’s your day usually look like?

I start the day off checking on my interactions with customers. Just in case they reach out during our off hours, or they are just looking for an update first thing in the morning. Once I have updated everyone, I look over all emails to stay up to date with everything Micro Center is doing to improve everyone's experience. Then appointments and walk-ins start to show up and thats when we do what is needed. Whether we can resolve the issue with the customer, or have it checked in for testing, we go over every possible option so the customer can make the best decision for them. In between helping customers at our Knowledge Bar, we are completing repairs and ordering parts for systems that we checked in previously.

What is Same Day Service?

At Micro Center, our service technicians strive to perform all diagnostics and part installs same day. We ensure our customers are informed and updated throughout the entire repair process to ensure you know when the system has been repaired, or if we run in to any unforseen delays.

What makes Micro Center a great place to service Macs and other Apple products?

Micro Center is one of the few locations that have Authorized Apple Repair Technicians on site. With the heavy foot traffic in the Apple Store, it is a great alternative just in case you need a quick drop off or resolution. We are authorized to service iMacs, MacBooks, iPads, Airpods/Beats, and iPhones of any age.

How do you test Macs?

Depending on the issue, we can run diagnostic software developed by Apple to pinpoint the component or specific issue plaguing the system. If the system doesn’t power on, we use alternative, Apple-approved methods to help us determine the cause of the issue as quick as possible.

How do you handle battery/parts replacement?

Since Micro Center has a large selection of compatible batteries in stock on our sales floor, Battery and Component replacement is as easy as asking our sales associates where it is located and bringing it to the Knowledge Bar for installation. In the event that the battery is not available in store, we can check the system in and have the battery ordered. With the part in our Service Departments possession, the battery replacement is performed within a short period of time allowing the customer to leave with the system, or have the system ready for pickup the same day the battery is delivered.

What are the Micro Center Assurance Plans (MCA)?

Our service department provides an amazing offer that can give your PC or Mac computer extended warranty to protect you from hardware failures. As long as they pass a diagnostic scan, we can protect your system, and cover repair costs for two years. These plans do not cover any accidental or physical damage, but are a smart way to avoid getting burned by repair costs in the future.

Any tricks folks can do at home to improve their Mac or PC?

The best thing to do is make sure your device has all of the latest updates. This ensures that you have the best and most up-to-date support from Apple with any new issues that may occur. It also ensures that your Operating System gets all the upgrades that come along with the updates. Outside of the software side, it is always ideal to have a good protective case, whether it be an iPhone protective case and screen protector, or a good laptop bag.This applies to PCs as well!

What is your favorite build of all time?

There are two builds that stick out for me. The computers I have built for Johns Hopkins would be the first one. They are all very strong and powerful computers that are used for high performance applications and imaging. They normally aren’t the most visually appealing or most colorful, but to see how the machine performs during high-intensity testing is always interesting.

The second would be computers for Flight Simulator or Racing Simulator enthusiasts. They go all out for their PC’s and do not hold back with components. They are always bright and vibrant, whether they have Fan Cooling, AIO Liquid Cooling, or a Custom Loop Water-cooled PC, they always wow everyone that gets a chance to see them.

What are some easy parts to build with?

Certain parts that we carry have complexity, but the easiest parts to build with are the ones selected by our Build Your Own Department. With their knowledge and expertise they are always able to construct a custom PC that performs well, looks good, and is easier for us to build.

What is your favorite case to build with?

Much like the components, each of our technicians have their favorites, but if you asked any of us which case we would want to build in right now, it would be the Lancool 216. I personally would pick one of the wider Corsair cases as it is the one I chose to build my own PC in.

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