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How to change screen resolution in Windows 10

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Under normal circumstances Windows is pretty good about automatically using your monitor with the proper resolution. However, if you ever find your screen suddenly looks a lot larger and more pixelated, or everything suddenly looks way too small. Maybe you just got a new monitor and it doesn't look how it did when you saw it at the store. You may need to change your screen resolution. Thankfully Windows makes this nice and easy, here's how you do it:

1. Right-click your desktop background and go to Display Settings

2. If you have multiple displays, you should be sure to select the monitor you want to adjust under Display

3. Scroll down the page until you find Resolution. Click the listed resolution to open a drop-down menu you can use to select the other options available. Once selected, it will automatically change the resolution of the monitor.

4. Once the resolution is applied, a new window will appear with a 15 second counter to either select Save changes for the new resolution or select Revert to return to the prior resolution setting. If you do not make a selection, it will revert automatically.

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