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BSOD: Thread Stuck in Device Driver PowerSpec B244

I've gotten this blue screen of death 8x in one day today. I've went and ensured that my windows updates are current, I've also updated the drivers for my graphics and audio device. Thought a BIOS update would be a good idea, but cannot find those drivers anywhere. PowerSpec site seems to link to the wrong files where it says 'System Board.' Please help!


  • CorCCorC
    Bought this PC less than a month ago, pretty aggravating :(
  • TSTonyVTSTonyV admin
    Hello @CorC! Welcome to the Community. Besides the driver updates, there's a few other things I think would be worth while to try. 

    clean boot is the very first thing I'd do. This will disable some background services running on your system and if one of those is causing the crash, this should resolve it.

    Second, run the Windows Memory Diagnostic. This will check your RAM for any potential hardware issues. If it turns up errors, bring the system back to us for service under the warranty. 

    Third, you can also run an SFC scan. This will automatically scan for an attempt to repair corrupt Windows files on your system. 

    If you got a Windows update recently prior to this issue happening, you could also try doing a System Restore.

  • CorCCorC
    Thanks Tony, I'm going to work through each of these steps and let you know the result.
  • CorCCorC
    @TSTonyV below are my results from the potential fixes above
    1. I clean booted it and then proceeded to enable the Windows Security notification icon and Realtek HD Audio Universal Service and it crashed less than 5 minutes after that. I just made sure that the audio drivers were up-to-date prior to this.
    2. The memory diagnostic came back clean, nothing found.
    3. The SFC scan also came back clean.
    4. I didn't take the windows restore step because I've had this blue screen issue since the few first days of bringing it home, but I thought some driver updates would get the kinks out. So I worry that if I restore back to day 1, the same issue will happen.
    Am I able to bring it to the store here in Ohio? I bought it on May 9th, so I'm outside of the 15 calendar day window for returns it seems. But hopefully there is another way, this computer isn't even a month old yet.
  • TSTonyVTSTonyV admin
    The final option we have here is doing a reset/refresh or clean installation of Windows

    If neither of those fixed the problem, at that point I'd have to conclude it's a hardware issue, in which case I would definitely bring the system back in to the store for evaluation. We can look at fixing it under warranty, or a manager may be willing to do an extension on the return period for you. 
  • CorCCorC
    I've just reset Windows. I'll monitor this over the next day or so. If the BSOD continues, I'll be taking it to the store here in Ohio. Seems like a few other people in the product reviews have had the same exact issue, so my hopes aren't super high.
  • TSTonyVTSTonyV admin
    Hopefully this will resolve it, but if not definitely bring it back in. We'll get it all sorted out, and please let us know if you have any other questions. 
  • CorCCorC
    @TSTonyV thanks for all your help Tony. My screen just completely grayed out and froze up after I had just reset Windows last night, so I'll be bringing it in tomorrow.

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